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Horizon Inn - Sea View hotel at Nipah Bay

The Horizon Inn is a hotel at Nipah Bay*. The hotel has spacious comfortable rooms at reasonable prices. There are singles and doubles rooms available. All rooms come with ASTRO satellite TV, air conditioning, balcony and hot showers. There are rooms with sea-view and hill-view.

Horizon Inn, Nipah Bay Pangkor

All of the rooms are on the first floor. There's little difference in quality of sea view and hill view rooms with two exception. The views towards to sea are of course an asset and sitting on your balcony watching life on the street below is always great.

Another advantage of the sea view rooms is that in the evenings the beautiful hornbill birds come and go.

On the hill site, you may miss the sea view, but the hornbills (and sometimes the monkeys) hang around to find fruits.

Hill-view rooms also each have a balcony but does not command the sunset views. Nevertheless it is still pleasant with gentle breeze, giving you fresh cool air.

The Room Rates

weekend weekday
Sea view RM 110 RM 90
Hill view RM 100 RM 80
Public Holiday RM 180 RM150
School Holiday RM130 RM100

Horizon Inn, Sea View Room

2D1N Package

The Horizon Inn offers a standard package for a group of 20 adults or more. The 2 days 1 night package is priced at RM88.00 per person and includes:

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  • Return ferry ticket
  • Return taxi from Pangkor jetty to hotel
  • One night stay
  • Three meals: lunch, dinner and breakfast before checking out

RM55.00 is chargeable to children 5-11 years old accompanying adults in this package.

Horizon Inn, Nipah Bay PangkorThe rooms will accommodate up to four adults in the group. Extra day and night simply add RM88.00 per person. Activities such as fishing, snorkeling, boat rides, bicycle rides and jungle trekking can be arranged once you reach there.

Downstairs, there's a convenience store, a shop selling local dried fish and ikan bilis and a fine restaurant with some good local. The fried chicken and the beef dishes are highly recommended. Western food is also available.

It is a refreshing change from the typical dried fish and ikan bilis stores that you normally find at Pangkor.

The products are locally produced. Most of them come from a factory in Taiping.

The Horizon Inn can also arrange tours on the island for you.

Horizon InnActivities such as boat trips to neighboring islands as well as canoeing and jet-skiing can be easily enjoyed by hiring the beach boys in front of the hotel for the services.

You can also hire one of the taxis for a leisure ride around the island.

Behind the Horizon Inn, it's actually only a 15 minute walk where you will find a waterfall and the entrance of the jungle trek to the other side of the island. Guides are not necessary but for the trek you will need a decent pair walking shoes/sandals and long trousers.

The jungle at Pangkor is dense and there's the chance you will get leeches hitch-hiking on your legs before falling back to the damp earth, fat and sated after a satisfying meal of your blood.

The Coffee Shop

Next door to the hotel is a small coffee shop located. The coffee is all local and comes from Taiping. Even if you are not interested in coffee, visit the shop because they have some awesome photos of Pangkor, including one of Pangkor Town around 1897.

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Teluk Nipah/Nipah Bay

Teluk Nipah, or Nipah bay is a favorite for many travelers to Pangkor. Not surprising with the beach and Coral Bay next door.

The beach is even more ideal for families with children or for those who seek solitude and an afternoon undisturbed at the beach.

Teluk Nipah or Nipah Bay

The Coffee Shop

Next door to Horizon Inn, you will find a local coffee shop, a place to buy some local branded coffee.

The shop includes some interesting photos of Pangkor's past.

The Coffee Shop