Traveling to Pangkor

by Erissa Yong-Wilson

Me with a catch from the sea

Me with a catch from the sea

Hmmm. Where do I start. I suppose I shall start from my visit to Kuala Lumpur Dec 19. 2007. One of my nephews has the blessed luck to work in a shipyard in LUMUT which is the point of entry by ferry to Pangkor.

It took my 3rd sister 45 mins. to find Jalan Kuching to get out of KL to find the Highway to Ipoh. Thank God for Cell phones we were in constant talk with our nephew to find out how to get to Bidor before Sitiawan to get to Lumut. However, we passed a really nice Chinese restaurant on our way called the NAGARIA Chinese restaurant which made really delicious HK styled local seafood. Lumut by the beach is a seaport with lots of seafood.

pangkor island beach resort

At the Pangkor Island Beach Resort Beach

After one night in Lumut we took a 45 minutes. ride on a yellow ferry as part of the Pulau Pangkor resort hotel shuttle service across the Strait of Malacca to Pangkor. The Hotel is all inclusive at about $180 CAD per night. Very Mexican in flavor.

pangkor island beach resort

The Pangkor Island Beach Resort Beach, this is where we stayed

Great swim up bar with lots of choice so liquor! Great beach in a bay with stinging jelly fish in the water. The morning jog to Teluk Nipah 5 k away was great. The little airport with Air Bajaya service to the Island from KL is just a 10 minutes run from the Hotel and it is a 22/04 orientation.

Wish I had my own Cessna here to do a touch and go on it. It is a great little bush airport. The next day we took a RM100 worth of taxi ride around the Island with the best Malay taxi driver/tour guide I have ever met.

pangkor island beach resort

I am a pilot, obviously I took some pictures from the plane

He was fun, funny, friendly and most knowledgeable. It was the best part of the stay. Oh well. I lied. THE BEST part of the stay was helping the fisher man .. small Indian young men hauling in fishnets full of small fishes to sell on the beach and also chasing after little crabs on the beach and flipping humongous jelly fish that have been washed ashore. If you want to be a child once again and just live a GOD given paradise lifestyle, you have to come to Pangkor.

The village in town selling sarongs and all sorts of dried fish and Ikan bilis of the best quality is only 10 km from our hotel. I loved it here and I shall return. For the $$$ it is the best fun a big grown up can have. Oh, and by the way, the Filipino band called the Fouyrplay was fantastic. It played Christmas carols and danced for us all the nights away.... The staff/crew are fabulously helpful and friendly but some of the guests are snobbish ! Why? only they know!! After all in a paradise everyone should have been happy!! I was. I spend the 3 days with a very good sister and It recreated our childhood on the beach in Miri Sarawak about 40 years ago. It is holiday I shall always cherish. It is soulful and memorable.

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Dec 08, 2009
by: ku`s

you should go to Langkawi island also...more beaches and more historical place to visit..sure you will love it....langkawi..

Mar 16, 2008
Pangkor revisited in my mind's eye.
by: Erissa

Thanks for googling us Luciano of ROME ! I could write about Rome too. I've been there as well. BUT for the $$$$ Pangkor is where you can have a champagne on a beer budget, and makes a king out of a pauper. So, you have to go to Pangkor at least once in your life. It is a different kind of experience. It is spiritual, and soulful and it is a place where your mind, body and spirit connect with nature and your higher self. It is a journey to your inner space and you come home to the rat race more relaxed and insightful about your purpose here on earth. What more can I say?
Mimpi cantik to all !!
P.S. The Mexican flavored hotel? Oh well. It is the Pulau Pankor resort hotel that used to be called the Pan Pacific and it has its own Dock for the private ferry.

Jan 31, 2008
Fantastric reportage!...
by: Luciano

I am so happy you did enjoy the whole trip, the food, the company, the scenary! Tyhank you for sharing these pictures with me!

PS: Also, you look gorgeous and very elegant, as always!

Jan 14, 2008
Nice Place
by: Daniel

Sungguh Menarik N cantik Tempat... Satu2nya tmpat y menarik di malaysia

Jan 07, 2008
Great Story!
by: Naz

Hi Erissa,

I love your story, it shows you can never be too old to have fun ;-)

Hmm, a Mexican-flavored hotel? I wonder which one it was.

best wishes,

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