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Student adventure program
personal and character development

The third program Explore the Wilderness has available as a Student Adventure program which is based on the idea that teamwork has a great impact on personal and character development.

The program is an invitation to a personal and character development program filled with fun, excitement, teamwork, and to develop self-awareness and leadership skills. Explore the Wilderness brings to you an opportunity to pursue real life challenge with these objectives:

  • Encouraging self-motivation and teamwork.
  • Raising standards of achievement and expectation.
  • Help to overcome fear, anxiety and stress.
  • Developing self- awareness and leadership skills
    - how to be more effective both as an individual and as a team leader.
  • Developing self-reliance, resourcefulness and confidence.
  • Fostering closer ties among the students.
  • Learn a new skill or gain knowledge in an area not ordinarily found in the school curriculum.

Rope course and cooking Japanese curry at the beach of Teluk Rubiah, this was part of the program of the Japanese International School

We, the “Explore the Wilderness” organization, believe in the holistic educational development of the child. We believe that the accumulation of adventurous experiences can help developed an active approach to education in particular and to life in general. Students learn how to overcome what may seem to be insurmountable obstacles, surmountable. They marvel at their own ingenuity for survival and they gain self-confidence after each experience.

Rope courses
Student of the Japanese International School in his Rope course

Becoming involved with new people, in new environments promotes effective learning in all aspects. In addition, they learn to live together and tolerate each other. Our team building activities are highly interactive. Participants will learn to work together to achieve common goals under challenging circumstance.

They participate in unforgettable experiences that challenge them in many exciting ways and full of character development. We make your event fun, memorable and most importantly recreate the results and benefits of the training back in the school environment.

Rope courses

Ropes course are exceptional ways for people to foster communication, break down barriers, build trust, develop problem-solving skills, strengthen bonds and create an exciting and fun experience. With proper guidance from our expert facilitators, your group will learn, grow and bond in ways that are not possible in everyday situation.

Rock climbing and abseiling

In rock climbing you attempt ascending a rocky cliff and in abseiling, you learn to make descent. You have the opportunity to overcome the fear of heights, be self-reliant and experience the feeling of confidence that comes from the achievement of what may then have seemed the near


There is the stimulating feeling of satisfaction, pride and achievement in knowing how to canoe efficiently. In a group canoeing, you have to keep close to each other for mutual assistance in the event of emergencies. You will master the various rescue techniques and learn to keep a watchful eye out for your weaker friends. You will discover inner reserves for patience, endurance, courage and determination in the course of this adventure.

Visiting the Charcoal Factory and Mangrove forest:

The Green Garden School did a few days Ecology Camp in and around Taiping. Here's the visit to the charcoal factory and visiting Kuala Sepetang and Taiping. It was good fun.

River trekking and canoeing

Check also the possibility to ad a river trekking in your program: River cruise Kuala Sepetang. You may be more interested in ading a whole day in a canoe, around Pangkor? No problem. Here's the report of a long day from Teluk Batik to the Teluk Segadas beach at Pangkor: Canoeing around Pangkor

Team work, depending on each other while rock climbing
Student of the Chinese School
in December 2007

Jungle trekking

ETWild can include jungle trekking in the hills of Teluk Batik and Teluk Rubiah. River trekking in Taiping can be part of the program (if the Program will be organized from Taiping). Depending on the program (remember, YOU are the one who decide which elements you want to include), cave trekking in the Gua Temperung caves will be included in the Taiping based program. Check for example: river cruise Kuala Sepetang or a visit to the Gua Temperung caves

Although the program has been carefully designed to promote motivation with humor and fun, YOU have a great influence on what you want to include. Give to us your commitment, endurance, tolerance and we will return to you illuminating extraordinary experiences, fulsome fun and mammoth memories.

Team work: canoeing
Australian International School: Team work - canoeing

If you are interested in this Student Adventure program, please contact Explore the Wilderness by filling in the following form

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Student Adventures can go hand in hand with nature exploration:

Ecology Camp in Taiping

ecology camp in the charcoal factory

We went to Gua Temperung caves and Kuala Sepetang mangrove forest.

Here's what happened

Australian International School with their Student Adventure Program

Mr. Goh of Explore the Wilderness invited me to follow a school camp week in Teluk Batik he organized with the Australian International school from Kuala Lumpur.

Read my report here


here is the report of their recent visit in May 2008.

rope course, team building in Lumut

Canoeing around Pangkor

I joined a group of students to canoe around Pulau Pangkor, an excellent experience and a good way to find out this part of the activities of Explore the Wilderness.

canoe around pangkor

Canoe around Pangkor

Kuala Sepetang

Visiting the charcoal factory of Mr. Chuah. We also did a river tour to fish farms, cruised the mangrove forest and visited the local  fishing industry

Charcoal factory