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by Joseph

As a frequent traveler, Pulau Pangkor is a small fishing village with very little exciting things to see if we were to compare with Phuket and Bali. I still love the laid back environment and things here are very very slow... a great place for back packing.

However, there's no night life in that poor island. My friends and I went to Marina Island last week and we do believe the private and non government funded project will change all that. It will be more competitive. The end users like us will benefit more from the better business operator. We hope there will be a happening place for all of us the next time when it is completed... we hope to see more when we come back for our next year's fishing trips!

Pulau Pangkor is beautiful! Lumut is a historical town, why do you think the old timer needs to worry about Marina Island?
What about Lumut? Lumut will be as it is.

Do you travel to Bali and only want to travel around in Denpasar? Or do you expect us to travel to Phuket and only to hang around the island. We want more exciting places to go around! Pangkor and Lumut should use this opportunity see what it is lacking (poor tourist guides) and I really don't understand why there are so many shops in Lumut is selling the same thing... So boring! Who's the person incharged of running these retails in a beautiful place like this? Why there's no Non-Halal food stalls? If Lumut wants to be an international destination please "Open Up your MIND and be in our shoes" What do you think we want.

My friend and I do believe Marina Island indeed will give a huge impact on bringing new things and experience that this website is trying very hard to promote.

The properties there is very Afforable...and it is Freehold! I had bought one myself...a serviced apartment facing the marina. I can't wait for my new investment to materialized in 2 years time...

The water quality in the Jetty is much better than those in Lumut. The sanitary system used in Marina Island is really the High Tech ones. The developer told us that they spent extra 25% of the development cost to recycle their muds and converting them into sold for landscaping purpose and we saw it with our own eyes... you should see that too.

We did ask the developer, why reclaim the island when Pangkor has got so many lands? They reply to us sincerely by saying that Pulau Pangkor needs more interesting things where they can't do it there because it is too public and the Ferry to Pangkor with 60% time savings will help tourist to have more time spend in the island. The developers said, many tourist that had come here to use their ferry services even though it is expensive, they rather do it and do not want to wait so long in Lumut Jetty during Peak period.

The way we see about this, it looks like there's a lot of locals really fear Marina Island will ruin their business prospects in Lumut and Pangkor. Hey poor and shallow minded businessmen, we are tourist! and if you serves us a good and quality tourist product, we will come back for more. We are the one who chose where we wanna go and who care if it is Marina Island or Lumut or Pangkor... as long as you make us happy we will be back for more!

So far, Marina Island did a good job since they are so new and I pity them investing in a place with full of Inferiority Complex Businessmen. Maybe it is time to knock some senses into them with as Marina Island and their warm and friendly tourism team displaying what we really want!!!

Good luck! I love this website... and I do enjoy Pulau Pangkor and Lumut funs and events arranged by Marina Island. Truly professional and they are more genuine to help us have a Great Holiday! They told us all the great traveling tips and had saves us more than RM100 a day. A genius marketing team they got there.

My friend and I will be back next holiday and we will bring more with us. See you there again Bernard next year in Pangkor.

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