Pangkor Today

by Tom and Kim

Pangkor beach

Pangkor beach

Well, Pangkor Island, beautiful place. I wish we could have stayed longer than four days, but we have to leave to go to Kuala Lumpur tomorrow. This place has been the best find of our travels so far, considering we only decided we wanted to come here the night before we arrived!

Amazing, deserted beaches, really good sea food, Kim and i have been eating fresh BBQ'd fish! mmm and most importantly for making our stay the best was how friendly the locals were! We stayed in a place called the Nazri Nipah Camp. Staying at the same time as us was Emma from Southampton but who lives in Hong Kong and had already been there two weeks (showed us the ropes), a German guy called Oli and a group of Malay guys from Kuala Lumpur who we spent most of our time with on the Island.

The reason the guys were there was because of an amateur local football match between Kuala Lumpur and Pangkor Island. We gladly excepted our invite (something different and interesting) and didn't regret it! Met loads more great people, watched a good game, they drew 4 - 4. We're getting an amazing picture of us and both teams together sent to us in a couple of weeks from Emma which we'll have to add! A draw was a good result for us because everyone went back to Nazri Nipahs Camp afterwards and had a massive (and free) BBQ!!, it was really very tasty! (more fresh fish!).

Apart from that we've been learning some Malay, going for drinks and having long conversations with our new Malay friends about music. One guy called Zum was a huge Incubus fan! I was very suprised! and then proceeded to play Drive (of course!), he said i moved him! lol, good times. Oh yeah and apparently i look like Cat Stevens and Kim looks like a short Kate Moss... haha.

Apart from the new friends, the Island also teemed with wildlife. During our four days there we saw many Hornbills, wild monkeys jumping through the trees and best of all, a massive monitor lizard!! Beautiful yellow dots and big! I chased it for a while trying to get a good picture but it was way too fast for me, so in the end had to change tact and went for the slowly slithering towards it on your belly approach, which worked alot better.

So yeah (if anyones managed to read to the end of this monster post) we're still having a great time and tomorrow we're off to the chaos that is Kulua Lumpur!


Tom and Kim

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May 09, 2012
much the same feeling
by: Peter

I like it... I have much the same feelings about Pangkor... every time I come here I feel a bit like coming home:)

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