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Pangkor Puteri Resort Special Promotions
Family and team building packages

If you are searching for an apartment for your family, a family reunion or just a holiday with some friends together? No need to look further. Pangkor Puteri Resort is a good and affordable choice.

It's located at Pasir Bogak but it is not at the beach. That said, the beach is only 2 minutes away and the top floor rooms have a beautiful view towards Pangkor Laut.

View from the 3rd floor of the Pangkor Puteri Resort

2 and 3 bedroom apartments

The Pangkor Puteri Resort has 2 and 3 bedroom apartments. They are especially great for families and company outings.

In the 2 bedroom apartments each bedroom has an attached bathroom. One bedroom has a window outside, the second bedroom has only a window inside.

The bedrooms are connected to a living room with comfortable chairs and sofa with TV and balcony. The 2 bedroom apartments have a kitchen with fridge but the 3 bedroom apartment have (on request with additional payment) cooking facilities.

The 3 bedroom apartments are all located on the 4th and 5th floor of the hotel. The have two living rooms with TV. Two of the 3 bedrooms have views over Pangkor (see photo above) while the third bedroom has a window inside.

The hotel has an elevator in both buildings.

Pangkor Puteri bedroom
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Pangkor Puteri living room Pangkor Puteri Kitchen Living room Pangkor Puteri View from Pangkor Puteri room

Individual Travelers

It may sound as that the hotel is only suitable for families and groups. Well, that is true to some extend. The apartments are rented out by room (if available) too but you might have to share the living room.


Pangkor PuteriThe Pangkor Puteri Resort has a bistro with an ala carte menu. Groups can have a buffet breakfast, lunch or dinner.


The Pangkor Puteri Resort is located in a quiet side street of Pasir Bogak, a minute away from the beach. Restaurants and shops are also within a minute walk.

Near the hotel is the entrance to a jungle path that leads all the way to Tiger Rock at the other side of the island.

The hike takes around 2 hours depending on walking speed and requires a guide (not recommended to go without, personal experience, see this page).

The hotel can arrange several activities for you including banana boat, island trips, snorkeling etc..

Meeting Hall

The hotel offers a meeting hall which can be split in two if there is a requirement for it. Each hall will have its own entrance. Facilities as projector, screen, microphones etc are available.

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