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Health Care tips on your Pangkor Vacation

Medical service

A Pangkor vacation is not complete without some information Malaysia's health care issues and medical services. The medical service is on of the best in the region. If foreign visitors have to visit private hospitals or clinics, your hotel will usually assist you in finding the best hospital. There are a few clinics at Pangkor available:
Klinik Desa
Sungai Pinang Kecil
32300 Pangkor
Telephone: 605-6853906
Klinik Kesihatan
Pangkor Town
32300 Pangkor
Telephone: 605-6854048
Klinik Desa
Teluk Kecil
32300 Pangkor
Telephone: 605-6853907

In case of emergencies, the hospital in Seri Manjung is your best choice. It is heavily sponsored by the government and widely hailed as the best high tech hospital in this part of Perak. To get there, take a taxi from Lumut. It's just a 15 minute drive.

Immunization and vaccination

Visitors from several African and American countries must produce yellow fever vaccination certificates. Yellow fever vaccination is also required for arrivals from infected areas and from Yellow Fever Endemic Zones except for children under one year old.

It is advised to have a vaccination for DTP and Hepatitis A. Malaysia is still a malaria risk country although the risk in cities and tourist areas is low. To be on the safe site, protect yourself during the early morning and late afternoons with anti-mosquito spray or cream. Use long sleeves and long arms to protect yourself in the hours when the mosquitoes are busy.

Food and drinks

"Can you drink the tap water?", I hear frequently. Tap-water is safe for drinking although it is advised to boil or filter it. I live in Sitiawan and drink filtered tap water.

Although there is a high standard of food hygiene, you have to take some care with eating on the street. Eating and drinking at the numerous food stalls is a great adventure and it would be a shame if you avoid them. It is advisable to eat freshly prepared food. Hot drinks as coffee and tea are safe. Ice coffee is prepared from hot coffee with added safe ice-cubes.

Ice cubes have to be bought by anyone who sells drinks. It is illegal to sell drinks with homemade ice cubes. The ice comes from government factories and 100% safe.


Malaysia is a tropical country. Dehydration is a serious risk. Any person should drink minimal 2 liter of water a day, not mentioning coffee, tea or soft drinks. (for every cup of coffee you should drink a glass of water).

If you feel the following symptoms you might want to consult a doctor: sever headaches, rising of the body temperature or feelings of almost fainting. These symptoms could be signs of heat stress which could lead into heatstroke. Find a cool place and relax.

Beverages as coke, tea or coffee, even if it's iced coffee and alcohol make the situation worse.


Sunburn can be a serious problem Use sunscreen with at least an SPF of 15. Remember that when it is cloudy or even raining the x-rays still penetrate the cloud.

If you get sunburned, use aloe vera and keep drinking water. The best advice is to stay out of the midday heat, finding shadow but if you have to get out, wear a hat.

When traveling with children make sure when they play on the beaches, they too are protected with waterproof sunscreen. Wear a cap when walking or cycling around.

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