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Langkawi hotels and accommodation

There are many hotels in Langkawi, cheap and upmarket. This page focuses on the mid and upmarket hotels. Should you want to see more low budget hostels and guesthouses, click here

The Four Seasons

If I had to spend money on a hotel in Langkawi, it should be the Four Seasons.

It is of course all about location and location can not be better than here, at Tanjung Rhu. I like it better than the Datai or the Andaman despite those resorts are more secluded.

The Four Seasons is where you want to stay, highly recommended.

View from the Four Seasons Langkawi

View from the Four Seasons

The Datai

The Datai is an amazing resort at Langkawi. Located in the north west corner of Langkawi, this is the top end hotel/resort. The Datai has a top notch golf course, read more about the Datai golf course here.

With everything possible available at the Datai there is no need to even leave the resort except for going home.

Underwaterworld and Crocodile Farm Tour

Visit the Crocodile Farm and Langkawi's beautiful Underwaterworld. Tour include hotel pickups. During about 3-4 hours.

The AndamanThe Andaman, Langkawi

Located close to the Datai, you find the Andaman. Like the Datai, you will not have to leave the resort as you go swimming, jogging, play golf, eat, drink, spa and what else you can imagine. It's all there.

The Andaman is about 5 star luxury.

Rebak Island Resort Langkawi

Rebak Island is accessible by boat from Port Langkasuka jetty point and has Rebak Island Resort Langkawi as beautiful resort available. The resort overlooks the Straits of Malacca as well as having a view on Kuah and Langkawi. Much of Pulau Rebak is still untouched.

Hotels at Cenang Beach

Cenang beach has plenty hotels in all price ranges. To make it easier for you to browse around, we have put them in one separate page, click here to review our selection of Langkawi hotels at Cenang Beach

Grand Continental Hotel (surrounding Kuah)

The Grand Continental Hotel is located just outside Kuah town on the way to the airport. It is a popular business hotel with all the facilities you can possibly think of. Kuah town center and the ferry are 15 minutes away and the airport only 25 minutes.

It's a surprisingly cheap hotel for what the hotel offers (rooms go for RM 126 and up).  The only set back is that the beaches are quite far (which is why it is probably not as expensive as it could be).

Langkawi, Cenang beach

More hotels in Langkawi:


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