Emerald Bay Pangkor Laut

Emerald Bay at Pangkor Laut is without any doubt one of the most, if not the most beautiful beach in the world. Many independent travelers and consultants do agree in this. Although Emerald Bay is only available for guests of Pangkor Laut Malaysia, it is possible to visit the bay after paying a fee of RM 80.00.

Emerald Beach Pangkor Laut

If you stay at Pulau Pangkor, you will have to take the ferry back to Lumut and from there take the Pangkor Laut ferry. Check the departure times here

At the beach you will find comfort stations and dining facilities. The bright blue waters and white sands are the territory of fish, crabs and corals. On the beach you can find artistic crab trails and sometimes the signs of turtles. Indeed a fantastic beach!

Emerald Bay Pangkor Laut

Pangkor Laut is also known for it's excellent facilities for your wedding. Check our wedding pages for some details. For you who wants to arrange a wedding at Pangkor Laut, Emerald Bay has all what you wish for a beautiful wedding day.

Crab trais Emerald Bay
The crab trails at the beach are spectacular.

 Emerald Bay
 Emerald Beach

You love Emerald Bay? You want to stay in Pangkor Laut!

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