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Chalet Pulau Pangkor

Why a chapter specifically on chalets at Pulau Pangkor? The reason is simple. There are some extraordinary chalets available and they are worth checking out (and cheap!). Why would you like to stay in a chalet instead of a hotel at Pulau Pangkor?

Pangkor Sandy Beach Resort Chalets at Pasir Bogak

Pangkor Sandy Beach Resort Chalets at Pasir Bogak

And, what is actually a chalet? Or more important, what sort of chalets will you find at Pangkor and what will it cost you? The answers on all these questions we have collected here for your convenience.

What is a chalet?

Chalet at Teluk Senanging
A traditional house in Teluk Senangin

A chalet at Pangkor is more then what I knew the word incorporated. As being a native Dutchmen I knew the word "chalet" which in general is meant to be a wooden house in the Alps of Switzerland or France. In Holland we call them "summerhouse" (zomerhuisje in Dutch).

The chalet on the picture next is at Teluk Senangin. It is a good example of the chalets you will find at Pangkor.

This type of chalet is build in typical traditional Malaysian style. You will find this type of chalets for example at Teluk Dalam, Pangkor Laut and Puteri Bayu.

These chalets are all build of wood. Chalets are build for maximum comfort so they contain all kind of facilities and extras you will not easily find in an "ordinary" hotel room.

Which ones you ask? Think about a veranda, even a garden and a kitchen. In that sense chalets are an excellent option for families.

A traditional Malaysian house is build on poles. The houses were build this way for all kind of reasons. Firstly it was easier to keep unwanted animals outside. In areas where there was a lot of water, think of the seaside (you may remember my story about the Fishermen Village of Panchor you can keep your feet and belongings dry. The people in those villages have to protect themselves from the rising seawater with the high and low tides.

Chalet of Pangkor Rimba Kem

Chalet Pulau Pangkor: Pangkor Rimba Kem

Below the living areas the chicken, horses, donkeys, oxen or whatever animals people had stayed there. These days the lower area is used to park cars and store goods.

At the chalets at the resorts of course, there's no reason for protection to wild animals as in the old days. No worries for the high tide coming in as there is no need to park your car under your chalet.

Advantage of a chalet above a hotel room

Pulau Pangkor is a great family destination. Chalet at Pulau Pangkor are ideal for families with the facilities as gardens, kitchen, more bedrooms etc. But have you thought of using chalets for your reunion party?

Chalets for the family is an obvious choice. It's usually cheaper to rent a chalet for a week then a few hotel rooms. For reunions however renting a few chalets can be an excellent way to get back in touch with old friends you haven't seen for a long time.

Pangkor Puteri Bayu chalets
The Puteri Bayu chalets

Another option of course, is to use the chalets for your birthday party. Do something different and come to Pangkor.

The different resorts all have facilities for big party dinners and festivities.

A chalet is a great alternative for an ordinary hotel room especially when you come with more people/family members.

The ultimate experience

It's hard to say which resort has the "best" chalets. It all depends on taste and budget. Let's see what Pangkor has to offer:

Pangkor Laut

Pangkor Laut is the most expensive and most luxurious place you can stay. Many of the chalets are build on the waterline. Since Pangkor Laut is a private island, you won't be bothered by "other" tourists. You're away from the world. Some like it, some love it, some need it, others feel a bit lost. But whatever you want, you get your privacy and, as it goes, you pay for it. Pangkor Laut is the top end destination in the area, if not in all Malaysia.

Check some details here, or if you already know you want to stay here

Puteri Bayu

Puteri Bayu Beach Resort

Pasir Bogak has a beautiful chalet based hotel: Puteri Bayu (formerly known as Sri Bayu). It's one of the few places at Pangkor island where you can have a chalet right at the beach of Pasir Bogak.

Puteri Bayu is so well located that within 5 minutes you have literally everything available, from beach to restaurant, to hikes all over the island.

Tiger Rock

It's mentioned at other places, Tiger Rock is not for everybody. The reason is simple, you want something ultimate special, and you're not into "the usual", then Tiger Rock can be for you.

Don't get me wrong, I love Tiger Rock (and if I had the money I would love to live there!). It's a great place, fantastic atmosphere, great pool and, if you have the budget, you'll have the time of your life there.

Tiger Rock is in the middle of the jungle. Monkeys and hornbills are always around. Beautiful if you like to have your own personal jungle experience in luxury. Yes, in many ways you could feel like in the colonial days. Tiger Rock is highly recommended, especially for couples with or without children.

More details, click here

Teluk Dalam

On the north side of Pangkor island, there's Teluk Dalam. It's a quiet although big park with chalets. Teluk Dalam has the advantage it's right at the beach. There's a view from here towards the Straits of Malacca but also to the Malaysian mainland.

Chalets of Teluk Dalam

Look for more details for chalet Pulau Pangkor in Teluk Dalam at our special Teluk Dalam page.

Or search further for another hotel in Lumut, Pangkor or other place in Malaysia:

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