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Best Pangkor hotels

Having a party at Pangkor, what hotel would you choose? Having been to Pangkor and enjoyed your hotel? Why did you choose that particular hotel? What did you do there? Nipah Beach, Teluk Nipah

  • Did you enjoy the beaches?
  • Did you explore the local cuisine?
  • What was it like?
  • What was your favorite dish you had?
  • How was your favorite hotel?
  • What was Teluk Nipah like?
  • Did you see any mermaids?
  • How was the ikan bilis?
  • Seen any wild animals?

Below are submissions we already have from people, so join the discussion and tell us what you think.

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review vikri beach resort 
Vikri Beach, a family owned business where you absolutely feel at home. Staying there, you are considered part of the family and you re well looked after. …

Swiss Garden is such a great hotel 
The Swiss-Garden Spa & Damai Laut is such a nice resort to stay. Having stayed twice there I can only recommend the resort for everything. The rooms I …

The Worst Day ever at Anjungan Beach Resort! 
I went to Anjungan Resort with my friends from office for ONE night and when we called them up earlier to book a place, then told us that we could use …

review pangkor island beach resort 
On 14/6/2010, me and my family went to Pangkor Island Beach Resort (PIBR) for vacation. This is our first time there. When we reached to the Lumut Jetty, …

review of nipah bay villa 
According to your review, the Nipah bay resort services and staff looks ok, but when I read the review in cuti.com.my is not favourable, hereby i copied …

Paradise and city visit 
My husband and I stayed in Pangkor Laut Resort for a whole week after business in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. I must say, God has created a beautiful and …

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