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Guest house in Lumut - The Era backpackers Hotel

The Era hotel in the only guest house and bed and breakfast facility in Lumut. Most travelers coming to Lumut take a straight ferry to Pulau Pangkor. Just a few people realize Lumut itself has a few things to offer to the travelers.

Syed and Peter in the Era Questhouse LumutSo why not stay a night in this guest house in Lumut and explore the area before moving to Pangkor island. The Era Hotel is just opposite of the bus station.

The Era Backpackers hotel is a convenient base to explore the area around Lumut. In fact, as located opposite of the bus AND with hardly noise from the surrounding streets and bus station there's little excuse NOT to stay in this nice, friendly and clean place. The view from the north side is also very nice. From here you look to the hills that separate Lumut from the rest of the mainland.

Let's see what this guest house in Lumut offers itself. The hotel offers clean rooms with fan and from RM 25 onwards. Rooms with AC go for RM 50. Dormitories are available for RM 15 pp.

Services include: excursions to the surrounding areas like Teluk Senangin, the Turtle farm near Segari but also jungle trekking and fish trips.

Breakfast in the Era Gueshouse Lumut
Guests having breakfast in the Era Guesthouse in Lumut

The full address of the Era Bed and Breakfast hotel is:
Lot 7/9 Jalan Raja Muda Musa
32000 Lumut
Perak, Malaysia

For ideas what to do in Lumut, have a look at chill out place number 1 in the later afternoon: Lumut Waterfront

Jungle trekking can be done, just a stone throw from the Era Hotel: Click here for details about jungle trekking in Lumut

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Lumut less then a decade ago

Pieter Kruger from South Africa has lived and worked for a few years in Lumut. He saw a very different Lumut as we know it today. When I came to Lumut, in 2003, the old ferry was no longer in service. Yet, Pieter went to Pangkor with the old ferry.

the old ferry from Lumut to Pangkor

He was kind enough to send us some photos of his days in Lumut, not even 10 years ago. But it has dramatically changed!

More photos of Lumut

The Dinding River

Few pay attention to the Dinding river when they arrive in Lumut. They are too busy getting the ferry to Pulau Pangkor. Fair enough. However, it is worth to get a boat and visit the swamps and mangrove forest in the area.

Visit the mangrove forest just out Lumut

or do a river cruise at the Dinding river