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Pulau Pangkor Newsletter No. 48 More Taiping photos 1950's, George Town World Hertiage and more
August 05, 2008

Pulau is almost ready for some holiday. Yes, even living in a tropical country like Malaysia with the beach so nearby makes me still want to visit other places, I miss the mountains, miss cycling and the road. This time I will visit Yangshuo, where I used to stay some years ago. It's also a good moment to update my knowledge of Yangshuo, as my guide Jessie tells me it is much changed in the recent years.

For that reason the Newsletter which is normally released by the end of the month or early in the next month will now be later. I will also not be in Malaysia for the Merdeka celebrations this year (31st Augustus), but in advance I would like to congratulate all Malaysian readers with the Independence of Malaysia. The day after the Merdeka, the Muslim population of Malaysia (remember, not all Malaysians are Muslim and not all Malaysians are Malay!, it seems not all foreigners know this!) will start their 30 days Ramadan fasting period. 

We from Pulau wish all our Muslim friends success in their fasting period. A long time ago it seemed now, I wrote this newsletter about Deepavali and Hari Raya (the last day of Ramadan).

What do we have in this newsletter? :

  • More memories of Taiping in the late 50's and early 60's
  • George Town World Heritage City
  • Last minute bookings for diving with Imp
  • Real estate in Penang
  • Malaysia and diving
  • Book, books, books and other multimedia
  • Penang Heritage City new website and how to build a successful website
Happy reading!
Peter van der Lans

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More memories of Taiping in the late 50's and early 60's

In my last newsletter I mentioned we received email and photos from Mr. Brian Paton from the UK. He had send us a series of great photos of the military camp and Taiping in the late 1950's. The first to respond was Mr. Insun Sony Mustapha from Lumut who lived at the time near the camp in Taiping.

Mr. John Gardiner responded on Mr. Brian Paton's photo pages with sending some of his own photos and anecdotes of his stay in Malaya, as it was still called by then. Mr. Gardiner served for 28th Commonwealth Brigades time in Taiping, his old 2 Infantry workshops R.E.M.E or The Royal Electrical Mechanical Engineers (British Army) as he writes. Like Mr. Paton, Mr. Gardiner has plenty of great memories of Taiping (and Malacca) in old Malaya.

Here's Mr. Gardiner's original post: .

Because of the anecdotes, I felt it would be great to collect them in a single extra page: with more photos and stories.

Mr. Paton photos are unbeatable. He was really kind to us to show us a glimpse of Taiping and the army life in the late 1950's. We can't thank him enough.

One of the amazing things was that the camp had not changed much in look, as far as Mr. Paton could tell. Taiping city center and the famous Lake Gardens seemed not to have changed too. Have a look yourself and tell us what you think! (Give your comment to Mr. Paton) (Give your comment to Mr. Gardiner)

George Town World Heritage City

Recently Penang, or better George Town was added to the UNESCO world heritage city list. Obviously this was an event to celebrate. In a very short time, the official bodies had set up a three day event to show the local Malaysians and the world George Town IS worth the listing. From the Town Hall field to Little India and the Armenian Quarter, from Indian and Nyonya dancing to Chinese opera and Malay traditional music, acrobatics and lion dances, it was all part of the activities of the George Town World Heritage City.

If you have been to Penang, you know what a fascinating island it is. From the old heart of George Town, the Armenian Quarter to the modern area of Gurney Drive, beaches at Batu Ferringhi and especially Teluk Bahang. With an international airport Penang is more then ever easy accessible to any traveler.

Here's my report of the World Heritage celebrations in George Town

Don't forget to have a look at out Teluk Bahang pages:

And you can stay of course in colonial style at Batu Ferringhi:

Real estate and property in Penang

With George Town now a World Heritage City, it's more then ever interesting to live (retire) in Penang. Many travelers come to the famous names as Batu Ferringhi, George Town and the famous Khongsi temple. But apart of a spectacular history, Penang has all the comforts of a modern society. Gurney Drive is probably the best example where old and new go hand in hand. Modern living next door to history.

and with the Gurney Drive Paragon, you have your first class housing:

Thus, Penang is a popular choice for especially expats to live. The question is then, where would you want to live? We have collected some good information together with my own agent Nazlina and our real estate agent in Penang Mr. Yeoh. There is a lot more to come but it all starts here:

And in case you would want to create your OWN real estate website, follow the instructions on this page:

Malaysia and diving

If there is one activity in Malaysia you should choose, it's diving. Some of the best world dive sites are located in Malaysia. East Malaysia has Sipadan but in West Malaysia, the peninsula, has another set of great dive sites. Best of all is of course Perhentian.

The dive sites are so spectacular that few people ever get disappointed even after dozens of dives. Many dive sites are within reach of 15 minutes of the Perhentian island beaches. We have collected all the information you need to decide which dive site you would want to see:

plus a map of the area so you know where exactly you make your dives:

In case you are in Langkawi, you may want to visit Pulau Payar which is the main diving destination on the west coast:

Unfortunately there is no more diving possibilities at Pangkor available. You are able to get a boat and do some good snorkeling at Pulau Giam right in front of Nipah Bay.

Books, books, books and more books

Ready for a journey to Malaysia but need more to read? No problem, our bookstore has a series of excellent books and other multimedia for you available:

Penang Heritage City new website and how to build a successful website

Our agent in Penang Nazlina has decided she would write her own website about Penang. Following the Pulau Pangkor website, she choose to work with Sitesell for building. The website is very new but contains some very new and different views from the traditional views you read on other websites:

Building a website like Nazlina's is best done using Sitesell's techniques. How do you build a travel website? Good you ask!

But you can also start reading some of the free e-books we have available:

and learn how to make your words sell like cakes:

You can of course take the short cut and read my own:

or being even more lazy and watch tv:


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