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Diving in Perhentian

diving at PerhentianGetting ready for diving in Perhentian? A great choice. If you have never been underwater, it's hard to imagine what it is like. And if you have, you will be amazed what Perhentian underwater offers.

Perhentian is not only for experienced divers, beginners will enjoy the underwater too.

Arwana Perhentian, our highly recommended resort at Pulau Perhentian, is home to East Marine, the resident dive-center. For the aspirant diver PADI and SSI courses are available.

Become a certified diver

Both PADI and SSI certifications are worldwide recognized. In order to become a certified SCUBA diver, you would have to fulfill the following requirement:

  • Able to swim and tread water
  • Healthy and reasonably fit
  • Pass all written and practical tests as outlined in the syllabus satisfactorily

Please bring two passport sized photos for new certification. Also, for certified divers, please bring your C-card and also your logbook.

Padi logo After completing your course, armed with your new C-card and also logbook, you would be able to dive anywhere in the world, depending on the dive sites, weather condition and water temperature.

If you are not sure if you want to take up the full certification, you can try the Introduction to Scuba Diving course. This is a short course where you will breathe underwater with the full diving gear. After that first dive, you can decide if diving underwater is something that you enjoy and proceed to sign up for the full Open Water course.

Arwana Resort Perhentian


The East Marine offers a range of diving in Perhentian courses, PADI and SSI

Price of diving in Perhentian courses:

Types of courses PADI certification SSI certification
Introduction to Scuba diving RM 100/dive
+full gear
Open Water (4 days) RM 900 RM 900
Open water Junior
(minimum 10 years old)
RM 900 N/A
Open water student kit RM 300 RM 160
Advanced Open Water (3-4 days) RM 950 RM 950
Advanced Open Water Student Kit RM 200 N/A
Emergency First Response (1day) RM 350 N/A
Rescue Diver (2 days) RM 1000 N/A
Stress and Rescue (2 days) N/A RM 1000
Dive master (min 30 days) RM 3000 RM 3000

All course fees include gear rental, instructor fees and certification, exclude student kit which is a manual (textbook), logbook and a dive table (slate)

PADI Referral Course and Open Water Refresher course are also available.

PADI Referral Course applies to diving students who have completed their confined water and theory modules. They only need to do 4 more open water dives to complete their Open Water module. They will be supervised and certified by the resident instructor. Please remember to bring the documentation from your home-country instructor.

ssilogoPADI Open Water Refresher course applies to certified divers who have not been diving for a while. This is good to refresh their skills underwater. After satisfactorily finishing the refresher course, the diver would be allowed to join other divers for the trip.

Price of Specialty Diving in Perhentian Courses:

These courses are only available for certified divers.
Types of courses PADI certification SSI certification
Boat dives (2 dives, 1-2 days) RM 400 RM 400
Deep dives (4 dives, 2 days) RM 500 RM 500
Drift dives (2 dives, 1-2 days) RM 400 RM 160
Night dives (3 dives, 2 days) RM 550 RM 450
Wreck dives (4 dives, 2 days) RM 500 N/A
Underwater navigator (3 dives, 2 days) RM 450 RM 450
Underwater photography (2 dives, 1-2 days) RM 400 RM 400
Search and Recovery (4 dives, 2 days) RM 500 RM 450
(3 dives, 2 days)
Multi-level Dives (2 dives, 1-2 days) RM 400 N/A
P.P Buoyancy Dive (2 dives, 2 days) RM 400 N/A
Medic Oxygen Provider (1 day) RM 350 N/A
Equipment diving (2 dives, 1-2 days) N/A RM400
Computer diving (2 dives, 1-2 days) N/A RM400
Marine Life Identification (2 dives, 1-2 days) N/A RM400
Marine conservation (2 dives, 1-2 days) N/A RM400

Fun & Leisure diving in Perhentian

Many divers do not want to follow a course, maybe you are one of them. All they, (and you?) want is diving in Perhentian and enjoy the majestic underwater world. East Marine offers that possibility too.

Diving at Perhentian islands

Here too the economical principle is followed: the more you dive, the cheaper it gets. These rates only applies if the dives are pre-paid booked ahead. Price only includes: boat, divemaster fees, weights, weight belt and filled tanks.Diving at Perhentian
Number of dives Price
1 dive RM 80
2 dives RM 140
3 dives RM 210
4 dives RM 260
5 dives RM 325
6 dives RM 360
7 dives RM 420
8 dives RM 480
9 dives RM 540
10 dives RM 550

For booking of more than 10 boat dives, additional dive is at RM55/dive.

Dive gear rental is very affordable. check out the rates below:
Type of gear Rate/day
Regulator with console RM 20
Wetsuit RM 20
Torchlight (with batteries) RM 20
Mask and snorkel set RM 10
Booties RM 5
Open heel fins RM 5

We hope you will enjoy diving in Perhentian.

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