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Gurney Drive Penang

Gurney Drive in North Penang is a rapid growing modern area. But tradition is not forgotten nor lost. So what can you find here? The photo below shows modern towers right at the beach.

Gurney Drive, Penang
The Boulevard, at low water migrating birds
come to visit, mainly storks and cranes

Some of them are modern high class hotels, others are luxury living apartments. This together with a busy business center and the tradition of old Penang makes Gurney Drive to one of the must see places in Penang.

Hotels in Gurney Drive

There is an array of hotels available in all price ranges. We have checked several and we have made them available for you on this page:

Hotels in Gurney Drive

There's probably no place in Asia like Penang. Over the years tourists have visited Penang and it is one of the most popular destinations in Malaysia, if not in Asia at all. But why is it?

Penang has that unique mix of the modern western world combined with the traditions of Asia. And trust me, the traditions are in no place in Malaysia so abundant as in Penang.

The Chinese and Indian population is stronger in Penang then anywhere else in Malaysia. Thus it is here you will see and experience more of those cultures then anywhere else.

During the calendar year you will enjoy the Indian Thaipusam and Deepavali go hand in hand with Chinese New Year with lion dances, the spectacular Chap Goh Me and Nine Emperor Gods Festival. The Malays have their Hari Raya, the celebration of the end of the Ramadan as their highlight of the year.

St. Joseph's Novitate after the renovation and included in the Paragon
St. Joseph's Novitate after the renovation and included in the Paragon

And then we haven't mentioned the never ending exploration of the spectacular food of Penang. More then any other area in Malaysia, it is Penang where you never get tired of visiting the hawker stalls, pasar malams and small restaurants.


In the western world there is a strong belief to preserve old buildings. Asia is mostly not ready for it apart of the really old things (think of Angkor, Borobudur etc.). The story in Penang is different. The Penang Heritage Trust, PHT, a non government NGO organization is very active in preserving the heritage of Penang. Many temples and houses are under the protection of the Penang Heritage Trust and the results are spectacular.

The Gurney Paragon

Gurney Paragon

The Gurney Paragon is probably a good example how Penang combines modern building with the heritage of the island.

The complex consist of two towers which consist of shopping- and business centers and living areas. This freehold land, measuring 10.21 acres, is strategically located in Gurney Drive with frontages to both Gurney Drive and Jalan Kelawai.

The proposed integrated development in this famous tourist attraction landmark comprises 2 blocks of high-end condominiums and a shopping mall of more than 1 million sq ft retail space which will be built around the St. Joseph's Novitiate, a heritage masterpiece.

St Joseph's Novitiate is under proposal to transform to its original outlook and shall house boutique retailers and restaurants.

This way, the St. Joseph's Novitiate is preserved and will also received the attention such a building deserves.

The complex was finished in 2010 and although manyunits are sold, there is still some available for viewing. Contact us to make an appointment.

Heritage mansions in Gurney Drive

There are some spectacular old mansions right next to the modern tower buildingins

Although Gurney Drive is the up-market end of the Penang property and real estate market, hotels can be surprisingly cheap. The Good Hope Inn is such a hotel, a tasty small hotel right in the heart of Gurney Drive.

There are many hotels around Gurney Drive, check them out here

The Gurney Paragon

Gurney Drive Penang
View on Gurney Drive from Seri Tanjung Penang


Different historical buildings are to be found in the vicinity of Gurney Drive. Amongst them is the spectacular Burmese Temple, an oasis of peace and tranquility. The same can be said about the Thai Wat Chaiya Mangkalaram with a 33 meters long Reclining Buddha, just opposite of the Burmese Temple.

Wat Chaiya Mangkalaram, the huge Recliniing Buddha

Wat Chaiya Mangkalaram, the huge Reclining Buddha


Most important in life is food. You're at the right place. Food in Penang belongs to the very best imaginable. Exaggerating? I don't think so. The food in Penang is famous in Malaysia.

Here, more then in other areas in Malaysia (maybe with Ipoh and Kuala Lumpur as a good 2nd and 3rd in a row) the mix of Malay, Chinese and Indian food came to its summit.

Gurney Drive has some awesome expensive restaurants but if you really want to taste the food of Penang, you have to visit the small restaurants like the Evergreen ...

... or the hawker stalls. Especially the food courts have a variety of food unimaginable for those who have never seen. And because of the fierce competition, no one can afford to produce lousy food. Lousy food means no business. When I come in Penang, I try anything and very seldom I get disappointed.

hawker stalls at Gurney Drive
Hawker food at Gurney Drive food stalls.

And most of this happens right in the heart of Georgetown around Gurney Drive. In short, it's an exiting area to stay.

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