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Taiping in the Merdeka Days

Mr. Brian Paton
Mr. Brian Paton while staying
in Taiping in the late 1950's

What did Taiping look like in the old days? We from Pulau Pangkor.com are always curious. Recently we received an email from Mr. Brian Paton.

He wrote: "I was stationed in Taiping in 1956-58 when it was called 2 Inf Workshop R.E.M.E. part of 28th Commonwealth Brigade". There is a lot more to tell about the 28th Commonwealth Brigade. For who is interested, please read more here.

The camp Mr. Brian Paton mentions is Kem Tentera Darat, Kamunting, Taiping, which is located a few kilometers away from the Taiping city center on the way to Kamunting, north of the Lake Gardens and the Zoo.

We asked him for some photos of those days. He did send us some awesome photos. Mr. Brian Paton has never been back to Malaysia since his days serving his country.

Because Mr. Paton gave so kindly so many photos, we had to create a second photo page with family, wedding photos and more.

All commend below in quotes are by Mr. Paton. And yes, you can comment to Mr. Paton, click here to send your comment which will appear on the website.

An overhead view of the camp in Taiping

An overhead view of the camp in Taiping

We are very happy Mr. Brian Paton allowed us to publish these photos on the Pulau Pangkor website. As this page contains mostly photos, it may load  a little slow, but I can promise, it's worth the waiting.

Inspection by Field Marshall Sir Gerald Templar

Inspection by Field Marshall Sir Gerald Templar
"Inspection by Field Marshall Sir Gerald Templar during his visit, and a further one of the Field Marshall's visit showing that we had some Australian R.A.E.M.E. stationed at our workshop"

ice cream man

the train
"The ice-cream man during one of his regular visits and the train used to entertain children from the married quarters."

On patrol

On patrol

On patrol

On patrol

The Pictures above are made on patrol.

Taiping 1950's
"Some of the lads from by hut including myself during the afternoon after work."

Independence Day, Merdeka!

Independence Day, Merdeka!

Taiping's Lake Gardens

Taiping's Lake Gardens
Two magnificent pictures of Taiping's Lake Gardens, left is from a postcard.

The Indian Bearer
"The Indian Bearer that we had in our hut - looked after everything for us for a nominal weekly payment." (comment by Mr. Paton)

One of the lads playing with my pet monkey
"One of the lads playing with my pet monkey that I had for quite a while, she came straight from the jungle."

Xmas Dinner
"Enjoying Xmas Dinner, traditionally served by members of the Officers & Sergeants Mess."

"In the naafi enjoying a drink - if it was beer it was either "Anchor" or "Tiger" in liter bottles"

Camp entertainment
"Camp entertainment"

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