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Taiping photos during the last days of the British Empire

Mr. Brian Patton was kind to send us a series of great photos made in Taiping in the late 1950's. Mr. Paton was stationed in the Kem Tentera Darat, Kamunting which is still in use by the Malaysian army. According to Mr. Paton, it seems the camp was much like he remembered except that the buildings in his time were made of wood. The camp has been renovated over the years to the needs of modern times.

On this page you will find a second selection with plenty of family photos. All commend below in quotes are by Mr. Paton.

See also the first section of photos Mr. Paton gave us for the Pangkor website. And yes, you can comment to Mr. Paton, click here to send your comment which will appear on the website

Family photo Mr. Brian Paton
Left: Family photo
Right: Mr. Brian Paton in 2007, who donated the photos of this page to Pulau Pangkor.com

Taiping 1956-1957

Taiping 1956-1957

It was not always "on patrol" ... Mr. Paton writes: "Here are some married families on holiday/leave, probably in Penang, the usual place where we went on leave."

  wedding in Malaysia wedding in Malaysia

Ken Marlborough and his wife Ken Marlborough and his wife

Ken Marlborough and his wife

Soldiers get married: "The wedding of of my good friend Ken Marlborough, I was best man."


"The troopship HMT Nevasa in which I spent 4 weeks traveling to Singapore via Dakar (French West Africa) & Durban (South Africa) in Oct 1956 whilst the Suez Crisis was in full flow."

Orang Asli

Orang Asli
Orang Asli

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