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Pulau Pangkor Newsletter No. 41, Christmas, thaipusam, Taxies, Peng Shulin and much more
December 21, 2007

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I wish you all the best for 2008. It's kind of weird, it seems the years are passing faster and faster. And now we are again at Christmas. Here in Sitiawan we will celebrate Christmas with some friends and after the New Year I will again go out of Malaysia for some cycling. Just today I was lucky to find a new good tire for my bicycle. The back tire has done more then 6000km and is ready to be changed.

The Christmas edition of the Pulau Pangkor Newsletter is for a good part dedicated to a few hotels we recommend at it's most. This time I take the opportunity to tell you a bit of my favorite Christmas music. Later more about that.

In this edition of the Pulau Pangkor Newsletter:

  • Hotels at Pangkor
  • Ikan Bilis online for sale!
  • Taxi and Transport Service to Pangkor and Malaysia wide
  • Amazing stories, Peng Shulin
  • What music you listen with Christmas 2007?
  • Advertise on Pulau
  • Thaipusam
Happy reading!
Peter van der Lans

PS Let me know what you like and what you don't like. All comments are welcome. Click here to write your comment:

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Hotels at Pangkor

The last weeks, as expected were very busy. Many people want to make hotel bookings at the last moment. People from Europe and America usually book early as they have to plan their flights. Local Malaysians can decide at the last moment what to do with Christmas. Fortunately we found a new and very nice beach resort at Pangkor with plenty of rooms for the Christmas period.

Unfortunately, for us at least, the Nipah Bay Villa is fully booked until the first of January but after, and yes, also for the Chinese New Year (early February) they too have plenty of space. Be quick, maybe there's room now for that period but the hotel can fill up quickly. The Nipah Bay Villa will have 15 brand new rooms open for Chinese New Year. You will love it:

If you want to stay at Nipah Bay, and the Nipah Bay Villa is full, the Horizon Inn may be a good choice. Clean rooms with sea view at the first floor and balconies are a good value for the price.

On the main land we have of course the Swiss Garden and Damai Laut. This is a first class resort with everything you want from such a resort. Rooms have all the comfort and space you want to enjoy your holiday. Swimming pool, spa and golf course are only a few of the attractions of the Swiss Garden and Damai Laut.


Keep an eye on the Pulau Pangkor website. In the next months we are going to offer you hotel deals in Penang and East Coast too. Special deals, diving packages and wedding deals. We are preparing these new features for the Pulau pangkor website in cooperation with

Ikan Bilis online for sale!

Yeeeee Haaaw!!!!! Finally we are able to give you the opportunity to buy the famous ikan bilis of Pangkor Island online!

If you visit Pangkor, do not forget to pay a visit to Mr. and Mrs. Beh in their ikan bilis shop and buy some of their fresh fried ikan bilis, dried prawns, sotong (squid) and other dried fish.

Taxi and Transport Service to Pangkor and Malaysia wide

It took us a long time but we finally found an excellent taxi service for visitors to Lumut and Pangkor. Taxi only? No, our taxi service is Malaysia wide. We can offer you a complete service all over Malaysia. Even if this means you want a private mini bus from Singapore to Kota Bahru and then to Penang and Lumut. We have it available. Read more about our new taxi and transport service:

Amazing stories, Peng Shulin

A week or two back Pearl from submitted an amazing story about a "half man" to my website.

Peng Shulin lost his lower part of his body some years ago. If you thought my story about the man with one arm and one leg was amazing, you should read this one:

What music you listen with Christmas 2007

Many of my friends know it since long. Music is one of my biggest loves in the world. Before I started traveling, I traveled with books and music into world of fantasy and imagination. Some of my friends were amazed I could travel without having music around me. Month after month I traveled by bicycle without a CD player or cassette recorder. There was simply no time to listen to music.

I remember a Christmas in China in 1999 where we had Christmas songs played in Chinese. A year or two later Santa Claus visited me and a group of Japanese in North Pakistan and we couldn't even sing him a Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer!

One year I was in Pokhara, Nepal and spend the Christmas evening with a local Tibetan family in an almost empty hotel. We had a lot of fun, especially when the Tibetans started drinking. "We love Christmas", one monk told me, "it gives us an excuse to have a party". We had a lot of fun but it was a party without any music.

This year is different. I have collected a nice set of good old Christmas music. Some of my favorite music is available. Emmylou Harris recorded a great Christmas album: Light of the Stable

Another favorite of me is Mahalia Jackson Christmas Album Jackson is probably the most prolific gospel singers the world has ever seen, or should I say: heard!?

Phil Spector, creator of the so called Wall of Sound, created in the early 1960's one of the classic Christmas albums of all time. With The Ronettes, Darlene Love, The Crystals and spectopr himself in Silent Night. Some say Bing Crosby's White Christmas is a classic, I say Phil Spectors Christmas Gift for You is another classic and timeless Christmas album.

Willie Nelson, the famous country star did quite a few different Christmas albums.

This one is my favorite

Neil Young is another of my favorite artists. He never recorded a full Christmas album. He was actively involved in a project of one his sidemen: Ben Keith. The project was called Seven Gates and contains a selection of decent Christmas songs.

Diana Krall produced a fine Christmas album. Her soft jazzy style is in contrast with Mr. Sex Machine James Brown who, to my never ending surprise created an album to swing your socks off. Mr. SuperBad is in great shape.

Kate and Anna McGarrigle are from Canada, sing in English and French and have created a lot of excellent records. Kate was married with singer songwriter Loudon Wainwright and not surprisingly, their children are gifted musicians too. Although Kate and Loudon are many years divorced, the sisters McGarrigle decided to have a family reunion for Christmas with son Rufus and daughter Martha plus Loudon Wainwright and a few friends (Emmylou Harris). The result, The McGarrigle Christmas Hour is one of my very favorite Christmas albums.

I can go on and on, but I will give you only one more before we go back to normal.

Sad enough Booker T & The MG's are only known for a few big hits they had: Time Is Tight and Green Onions. Few know the band recorded an amazingly good Christmas album. Booker T & The MG's Christmas album

The very last one I can't resist to offer to you. This one is not available in the music stores or websites. However, I still have it in my possession. Here are 3 Christmas songs by the most unlikely person to record a Christmas song: Jimi Hendrix. If you are interested in how Jimi Hendrix celebrated his Christmas, please email me and I will send you the three songs: 1. Medley: Little Drummer Boy/Silent Night/Auld Lang Syne, 2 Three Little Bears and 3. Medley: Little Drummer Boy/Silent Night/Auld Lang Syne (Extended Version)

I wish you  a merry and swinging Christmas from a warm Sitiawan.

Advertise on Pulau Pangkor com

Advertising can be expensive. Pulau Pangkor com gives you now the option to advertise on the Pulau Pangkor com website. You have different choice how to advertise. You can even advertise in the Pulau Pangkor com newsletter! We would like to do business with Pangkor, Lumut, Malaysia businesses or related to the travel business in general. Read more here:


2008 is coming up. After New Year's Eve the first big event will be Thaipusam. Earlier this year I was in Penang to see with my own eyes what the Thaipusam was. Here's the report:

and the photo page

For the Thaipusam in 2008, we have a special tour coming up. In the next Pulau Pangkor Newsletter we will tell you in detail what we have in mind to do.


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