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Pulau-Pangkor Newsletter No. 13
January 18, 2006

Welcome to a first edition of the Newsletter in 2006. From Sitiawan, just a few kilometers away from Pangkor, I wish you a very happy New Year.

Last week I got an email of a lady who wished me a happy new year. She wrote: "maybe I am a bit late but we have many "new years" in Malaysia so in fact it's always "new year". Very true indeed. The western calendar with January 1, but the Indians have their Deepavali, the Chinese with Chinese New Year. Indeed, Malaysia is an amazing country.

This issue of the Newsletter is the first issue of this year. In two weeks time it will be another busy week at Pangkor island because of the Chinese New Year. And if it is not enough, on February 12 it's again time for Thaipusam.

What do we have in this edition of the ?

  • New on Pulau
  • Diving at Sembilan Islands
  • Nipah Bay Villa
  • Personalized children books
  • Chinese New Year
  • Thaipusam

This edition has no special recipes, but you download the ebook containing all the recipes of 2005:

Download your e-book copy here

or if you prefer a normal webpage:

Pulau Pangkor newsletter recipes page

You can read our latest updates in my Blog:


NEW at Pulau

Lumut is a nice place to stay for a night or two. The Era hotel is a good backpackers facility which is conveniently located opposite of the busstation.


Diving at Sembilan Islands

Diving at Sembilan Islands is a great adventure. I have just finished some courses with Sembilan Divers and I am very satisfied, actually more then satisfied. Of course, I can not compare yet to other dive spots but Sembilan Islands made me curious about it. So far I have seen enough to keep me hungry to see more.

What did see? Well, sea turtle, sea horse, lots of barracudas, angelfish, trumpetfish, nudibranchs and lots more. I am sure you can find other dive spots in Asia with better visibility but Sembilan Islands is not to be missed.

David from Leeds England (he's an experienced diver and did some video) told me it was good diving here. Meg and Ken from Japan (who have been diving in the Caribbean, Californ1a and Mexico among other places) joined a few days and enjoyed it too.

Frederick, a rescue diver from Denmark, who has experience with wreck diving in Denmark had a good few days too (and has plans to come back later this year to explore more of the islands).

Next week there's another 4 days for good diving. Be quick, the days are: 22, 23, 25 and 26. You can subscribe for a course or simply join for some fun dives. You may even meet me as I will be again joining Sembiolan Divers for another 2 days of the 4 available. As explained on one of my pages, good diving days has a lot to do with the tides.


Nipah Bay Villa

I visit Pangkor every once in a while. There are a few reasons. One of them is to meet my friends of the Ikan Bilis shop (I love their ikan bilis), check where to find the shop:

Another reason is that I love to cycle around the island and get myself tired on the short steep hills on the way to Nipah Bay.

Now when I was at Nipah Bay Villa, Mrs. Subtu, as usual, made time fly and before I knew it we were 2 hours further. Mrs. Subtu announced to me she will offer some special discounts from next month on. Keep an eye on my blog

or subscribe to the feed for more information which will be available very soon.

And Nipah Bay Villa is such a nice place, have a look:


Personalized Children Books

I love books, I have always loved reading. When I was a child my parents encouraged me to read. And when I fell asleep I was dreaming to be the hero of the adventures I was reading.

"MyOwnBook" is a little publishing company in Kuala Lumpur who had the idea to personalize children books. Make your child the hero of the book and let him or her dream away. Read more on the book page:


Chinese New Year

For many centuries Chinese people all over the world celebrate their own New Year based on the lunar calendar. For some more background of the Chinese New Year, read the special issue of the of last year:

Special edition of the Pulau Pangkor Newsletter Chinese New Year



Thaipsuam is another festival celebrated in Malaysia. This year the Indian population celebrate it on the 12th of February. I have to admit, Pangkor is maybe not the most spectacular place to visit during Thaipusam. But if you are in Penang, don't miss it there. It's a much bigger thing there then here in the Pangkor area though you will see enough to enjoy yourself.

More about Thaipusam you can read here:


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