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Pulau-Pangkor Newsletter #005
May 16, 2005

Pulau-Pangkor Newsletter #005
May 15, 2005 Welcome to a new edition of the Pulau Pangkor Newsletter. We would like to give a warm welcome to our new readers.

For this issue there are again some great topics included. One of them is the recipes. You can have a look at more recipes page for this edition recipes. However, you may find it more useful to get the recipes e-book which contains the same recipes as the mentioned page. Download your e-book copy here With every issue of the Pulau Pangkor Newsletter here will be an update of both e-book and more recipes page available.

What do we have in this edition of the Pulau Pangkor Newsletter?

  • Update: New pages on
  • Nipah Bay Villa
  • What do readers say about
  • Beach wedding themes
  • SearchIt
  • Recipes
  • Newsletter survey

You can read our latest updates in our Blog:


Update: New on

We have already given an update of the new pages in our Pulau-Pangkor blog and in the feeds. For the reader who has not (yet) found our blogs or feeds, here's a selection of last months additions

Real estate in Lumut

In the last issue of the Pulau Pangkor Newsletter I already mentioned real estate as an interesting way to invest your money. Lumut has a great selection of real estate available of which many local people do not even know it exists!

Teluk Dalam Resort

Teluk Dalam Resort has a new headliner: "Cozy Kampong Ambience". I have to admit, Teluk Dalam has "it". It's a beautiful resort and if you have the money, this is were to spend it.


Nipah Bay Villa

In this edition of the Pulau Pangkor Newsletter, there is special attention for the Nipah Bay Villa. Why? Because this is the resort I would like to recommend as an excellent reasonable priced hotel resort. But there is more. Have you ever been traveling and then sit somewhere, spoke to the owner of that place and then look at your watch and see it's already 3 hours later? I have, it happened at the Nipah bay Villa.

Mr. and Mrs. Subtu are the owners of this cozy resort in Nipah Bay, a sweet couple. Although build in the middle of Nipah Bay, their resort has a style unmatched anywhere in Nipah Bay. Get a chalet and feel completely away from the main street as if you're in a old fashioned kampong with the luxuries of the modern world.

And Mr. and Mrs. Subtu know what they are talking about. They own one of the oldest hotels in Nipah Bay, now already 16 years. If Pangkor is your destination, Nipah Bay Villa deserves your visit.


What do readers say about

Every now and then I receive e-mails from satisfied readers of the website. Here's a few examples:

Meriem wrote: "Thank you very much for your recommendation and for all the information."

Ida was happy too, she said: "I've thoroughly enjoyed reading your website. it is by far the most comprehensive I have found on Pangkor and I am most certainly looking forward to check out some of the places you've mentioned when I get there this weekend. Can't wait!

Natalie was also happy: "I would like to thank you so much for the useful information on your site and for your email replies. They were so helpful that our trip went really smoothly without problems. I am really grateful for the fact that we were well prepared for the drive up to Lumut with the directions and information on the parking areas as well as the ferry schedule. You had saved us a great deal amount of money and we had a great time there. We'd love to go back to Pangkor Island again. Keep up with the good job the both of you are doing. We really appreciate it so much."

Thank you for your kind words Meriem, Ida and Natalie.



Planning a beach wedding? What fun!

Beach weddings are becoming more and more popular as people opt for less traditional, more relaxed settings for their big day. They can be much cheaper, less stressful, and just all around plain fun - for everyone!

One thing about choosing a beach wedding theme is that it allows you total creative freedom. Depending on the time of day, the beach can set the mood. At sunrise or sunset, it is a place of serenity, beauty and romance. Mid-day, it is the hub of excitement, activity, and fun. By nature, a beautiful scene has already been set for you. There is no need for many decorations!

Perhaps you will marry in a romantic sunrise ceremony followed by a breakfast reception. How about an early afternoon wedding followed by a beach barbeque? Get your guests involved in the festivities. Plan fun activities such as a sand castle building contest or a volleyball game.   Marry at sunset. Follow the ceremony with a wine and cheese reception. Hire a magician!

By the way...
Don't rule out a beach wedding because you don't live near an ocean. The definition of a "beach" is - "the shore of a body of water, especially if sandy or pebbly". That includes lakes and rivers. For that matter, you may have a "beach" by your swimming pool. There are no rules. Be creative! It is your beach can be anything you want it to be - wherever you want it to be! Most of all...have fun!

Beach wedding themes full of fun, fantasy and romance!



This section is written for other Webmasters. As some of the readers know, my website is written with the help of SitebuildIt. For those who have never heard of it, click on here to learn more. Now SitebuildIt has also a range of excellent tools available for the webmasters. SearchIt is one of them.

SearchIt includes in one single window a possibility to search for your favorite keywords in overture, wordtracker or adwords. It can be used to search for domain names, or backlinks in Google, Yahoo or MSN. I know you can do all these things all by yourself but why should you think about the coding if SearchIt already has set them up for you.

SearchIt makes all the other tools superfluous so use it for your own website. It's free. There's one set back, you may be overwhelmed by the possibilities of SearchIt.



The last Pulau Pangkor Newsletter had some excellent recipes. Did you miss them? Click on MORE RECIPES page to see them again. Or download your e-book copy here. You will find also two new recipes of dishes you will able to get at Pangkor island.

In this issue I found some recipes for you with fish-head. Fish-head is in the western countries usually given to the cats. Here in the east, nothing is wasted and people eat fish-head. And it's an excellent dish.

In this issue of the Pulau Pangkor Newsletter there are two fish-head dishes included. One is an excellent fish-head curry while the other is a very popular fish-head soup. Actually the soup is very popular in Kuala Lumpur at different hawker stalls. And the curry? Ahhh... you have to try it yourself, it is a very tasty dish. Both do well with rice. Check the recipes here and don't forget to tell us how you like them.


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