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Pulau-Pangkor Newsletter No. 22
August 25, 2006

Welcome to another edition of the pulau-pangkor newsletter It's already August! Time flies when you are having fun! For this edition I had more subjects to tell you then I could use. So, next month you will get the rest of what I still have here on my desk. But some things I had to tell you this time. Let's see what this newsletter includes:

  • Independence Day Malaysia, 31st August 2006
  • RSYC Merdaka Reggatta visits Pulau Pangkor
  • Traveling to Pangkor with Children
  • Cycling, I just LOVE cycling
  • Travel forums, Lonely Planets Thorn Tree
  • Home Curry House in Sitiawan
  • Malaysian food: free e-book

You can read latest updates in my Blog: ----------------------------------------- Independence Day Malaysia, 31st August 2006

The people in Malaysia are very proud of their country. This time of the year many Malaysians will show that by carrying the national flag on cars and hang it out of the house. August 31 is the day Malaysia celebrates its Independence from Great Brittan.

For the traveler this is also a special day because transport options can be limited, shops won't be all open, or only open in the afternoon. If you stay in a hotel, have a look at the television and see how Malaysia celebrates its independence.

Pangkor and Lumut have their own celebrations but the big thing happens in Kuala Lumpur and other big cities with parades and festivals. This year is already the 49th celebration of this great countries independence. Happy Merdaka Day!

For other events, check the Events page


RSYC Merdaka Reggatta visits Pulau Pangkor

At the moment you read this newsletter, the Royal Selangor  Yacht Club is visiting Pulau Pangkor. From 30th August to the 1st of September the yachts will visit Pangkor. So if you see yachts docking at Pasir Bogak, you know why they are here! Have a good look, race yachts like these you do not see everyday!


Traveling to Pangkor with children

Writing about something you haven't experienced yourself is difficult. I don't have children of myself so it is hard for me to write about traveling to Pangkor when you have children. Fortunately I found someone who has children, came to Pangkor AND was willing to write about her experiences with her children. Naz from Penang came a few weeks ago to Pangkor bringing her two children, 4 and 8 years old. This is what she has to say about Pangkor and how easy it is to come and stay here:


20th Mount Kinabalu International Climbathon 2006

Climbathon? What is a "climbathon"? And where is Mount Kinabalu? Questions Ruhaizad Daud from   has answered in a special article for the Pulau Pangkor website.

Mount Kinabalu, as you may know, is the highest peak in south east Asia. It is located in Sabah, east Malaysia. The Climbathon is one of the more spectacular events this year In Malaysia and if you are a sports lover or a climber, this is a great chance to climb Mount Kinablu in contest. The contest is not for the weak.

Although the distance of 21 km is not too much, it's half a marathon, the main problem is the altitude difference.  The maximum time allowed to finish this contest is 2 hours and 30 minutes, which, to me, seems rather short! But that's the deal.


Cycling, I just LOVE cycling

Riding a bicycle is a way to live. I know people who swear cars, motorbikes or boats are better, nicer and more beautiful. For me it's a bicycle. A bicycle brings you almost everywhere you want. Example?

North of Lumut lies the little town of Segari. Near Segari at the beach is a turtle farm. You can read about the turtle farm here:

Few know you can travel over the plantations to Teluk Senangin. There are rough paths where only bicycles can go. Cars and motorbikes are not allowed. So even many locals do not know this beautiful area. Now because I love cycling so much, I thought it was a good idea to start writing about them. Thus I created another website about my very own bicycle adventures.

If cycling is alien to you but your curious what is so interesting about cycling, you can read about my own cycling adventures in countries like China, Iran, Pakistan and other countries in south, east and south east Asia.


Travel forums, Lonely Planets Thorn Tree

Travel information can be old even when it's just written down. Books can be useful for background information but the information in a book is usually 4 to 6 months old when the book is published. Hotels, guesthouses, road conditions, political situations, all can change in such a time period. That is why Travel forums are so useful.

There are several travel forums on the internet available. Lonely Planet is one of the most used travel books in the world. You can be in favor or against LP but that is not the point right here. On the internet LP has a website and an excellent forum:

Almost all countries in the world have their own section and if you need the latest information by people who have recently traveled in a country, this is probably your best bet. Travelers inform travelers, you can not get it better. So, if you need to know something specific about a country, visit the LP Thorntree. Subscribe and join the community of travelers. It's free and a good vallue.


Home Curry House in Sitiawan

A few weeks back, when I was at Pangkor I met a foreigner who said the food in Malaysia was so disappointing, especially compared to Thailand and Indonesia! I was baffled. Food in Malaysia disappointing?

One can say a lot about Malaysia but it's impossible to say the food is disappointing! Think about it! The Malays, Indians and the Chinese have all their own cuisine. Even more, the three groups also mix some of their dishes. A dish like Mee Rebus is a good example. Mee Rebus? Check the for a recipe to make your own.

The best food in the Pangkor are can be found on the mainland. In Lumut there are some excellent stalls, Seri Manjung has awesome Malay food but for the very best Indian food you have to come to Sitiawan. On Jalan Lumut, very near to my very own house (and thus a possibility to meet the writer of your favorite Pangkor Newsletter himself) is the Home Curry House.

According to local people, there is no better Indian restaurant in the wide area of Sitiawan. People from surrounding towns come to the Home Curry House to experience the very best real Indian taste! Try the banana leaf rice or tosai (kind of pancake). Apom is also great. And of course the Malaysian national dish, nasi lemak, is on the menu.

It cost RM 8 by taxi to Sitiawan. More about the Home Curry House you can read here: 


Malaysian food: Free e-book

The had last year in every issue some recipes of dishes you can find in and around Pangkor and in other areas in Malaysia. I have collected those recipes and put them together in a free e-book which, until now, was only available for the readers of the You may have missed the e-book last year. Here's your new chance. Have fun with the preparation of the recipes and enjoy your Malaysian meal.


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