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Pulau-Pangkor Newsletter #002
February 15, 2005

Welcome to the second edition of the Pulau Pangkor Newsletter. We would like to give a warm welcome to our new readers. What do we have in this edition of the Pulau Pangkor Newsletter?

  • Tsunami
  • Upcoming events at Pangkor: Thaipusam
  • Recipes
  • Great lunch places at Seri Manjung

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The Tsunami slowly fades away out of the memory of people who were not involved. Let's not forget them. If you haven't donate some, do it NOW. The International Red Cross website and make your donation.

For those who missed the information in our first newsletter, Pangkor was not affected by the Tsunami so there's no reason NOT to come!


Upcoming events: Thaipusam

On the 25, 26 and 27 of February 2005, the people at Pangkor will celebrate Thaipusam. Thaipusam is a festival in celebration of their Lord Muruga. It is a very colourful scene. Anyone who has the idea of coming to Pangkor, should think of coming now. Make sure you have your hotel booked since it's not only the Indians who will be in celebration. Chinese people too will make offerings. People come from far. The site will be very spectacular.

We have set up a special page on Thaipusam and what it means to the local people, click here



Like in our previous newsletter we will offer you some special recipes which are easy to make at home and give you a taste of how people at Pulau Pangkor and surroundings have their meals. Check your FREE new recipes plus the precious ones here at the MORE RECIPES page


Great Lunch places at Seri Manjung

Seri Manjung is a little town in between the Gateway to Pangkor: Lumut and Sitiawan. Apart shopping it does not have to offer too much. Check our shopping page for those details

Seri Manjung offers two excellent places for lunch. So if you leave Pangkor for a day shopping in either Sitiawan, Lumut or Seri Manjung, you may enjoy a great (and cheap) meal in Seri Manjung.

Seri Manjung is a great place to enjoy special Malay Muslim food. Muslim food is characterized by the lack of pork. All meat is halal which means the animal is slaughtered in a ritual way. Both of the here mentioned restaurants are Muslim. For good Chinese food Sitiawan, Lumut and of course Pangkor itself are better options.

The "Yellow Restaurant"

Obviously the "Yellow Restaurant" is yellow in color. Is that a sign of quality? Of course not. However, t

The "Yellow Restaurant" is one of the best Malay restaurants we know in Seri Manjung. The name "Yellow Restaurant" comes from the main color of the place. The outside is bright yellow colored, the inside furniture meaning chairs and tablecloths are in the same color. It's real name is: Restoran D'Hentian Permai.

It is a place to get a taste for specific Malay food. Since the food is cooked by Malays, meaning Muslims, you won't find any pork. However, beef and chicken are made different then Chinese and Indian make.

The dishes I prefer are pineapple curry. Fried Chicken and salad are also great. The salad is a mix of cucumber, tomatoes and other fresh vegetables. There's no need to skip this uncooked fresh dish since all is proper washed.

The staple here is rice. Further there is a range of pre-prepared dishes. All dishes are freshly made. You make your choice by walking around. Once you're at your table the staff comes up and tells you how much this feast meal will cost you.

Drink can include (iced) coffee or tea. Fruit juices are good too.

More information needed? Why not give them a call? Telephone: 012-4653305.

Some of the dishes in the Yellow Restaurant can be easily made yourself. Christina Sjahir did a great job. Give it a try and make your own Malaysian dishes if the dishes on our special page are not satisfying enough.

Restoran Sultaniah

Indians are mainly Hindu in Malaysia. However, a substantial amount of the Indians is Muslim. This means you can have some excellent Indian Muslim dishes.

The Restoran Sultaniah has it's own specialty: squid-balls. The restaurant has the same concept as the "Yellow Restaurant" though the amount of choice is less. Here you're choice is limited to about 8-10 different dishes. All dishes are halal and of course there's no pork available,

Dishes come with white rice. Drinks are the usual available: (iced) coffee and tea and cold drinks.

Both of the restaurants are easily available if you go for a bit of shopping at Billion. Check our shopping and markets page You can take a taxi from Lumut asking for the "Yellow Restaurant". With your own transport, take the road to Sitiawan.

Take the second crossroads on the way to Sitiawan and then the first to your left hand. You will pass the Manjung post office. Follow the road for about 300 meter. On your right hand there's the Restoran Sultanish. Watch out for a blue board with the name and a picture of a Mosque.

A bit further is the "Yellow Restaurant". You can not easily miss it.  It is on the left side of the road about 400 meter from Restoran Sultaniah. Look for a yellow front with the name Restoran D'Hentian Permai named.

You may be one of the readers looking for some great and specific Malaysian food. Christina Sjahir has collected some dishes you will be able to find in the mentioned restaurants.


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