Thaipusam 2008 photos

Just back home, and full of the Thaipusam 2008. What a festival is it! Looking at photos may give you an impression, but it's nothing compared to the real thing. Last year I had seen the second day, at daytime. Then I was stationed near the Waterfall temple.

thaipusam, waiting for Lord Muruga thaipusam
Left: Early morning, waiting for Lord Muruga
Lord Muruga is on the way

This year Mr. Chandra and Mrs. Pearly took me in the very early morning right into the heart of Georgetown to see the deity Lord Murunga coming out of the temple and went on his journey to the Waterfall temple. Here are 22 pictures, I know, it's a rough selection and by no means complete. Please be patient, as it may load a little slow.

Lord Muruga arrives
Lord Muruga comes out of the temple

Additional, written in 2013

Since 2007 I have visited the Thaipusam in Penang, Sitiawan and Pangkor Island. The photos shown on this page are a good representation of the festival as it happens every year.

I know, you watch the photos and might feel your chills but once at the festival it's a completely different experience. Even I look at some photos with the chills running through my spines. Yet, it's all fun at the festival. Trust me, this is a lifetime experience!

offerings to Lord Muruga
People offer to Lord Muruga

Streets of Georgetown

 Streets of Georgetown

boy with coconut many Chinese devotees

Coconut smashing during the Thaipusam
Smashing the coconuts is part of the cleansing process for devotees

Offgerings to Lord Muruga
All along the way people offer to Lord Muruga

Chinese lion dance evening first day Thaipusam

On the way to the Waterfall temple


Mr. Chandra and Mrs. Pearly's son Holy man
Left:Mr. Chandra and Mrs. Pearly's son on his journey

bells hanging on the body with hooks

Bringing the child for blessing
Bringing the child for blessings from Lord Muruga


 How much pain can you endure?

Hooking the back Iron spikesp

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