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"Real estate in Malaysia is affordable, live in style in Pangkor, Penang, Lumut, Seri Manjung or other areas in Malaysia"

Getting real estate in Malaysia and especially Penang, Lumut and Seri Manjung is easier then you think. Tropical islands are in the interest of many people, especially in the west. Real estate on Pangkor

However, buying property on or near a tropical islands are beyond the reach for ordinary people. Pangkor is still relatively unknown to the big public and therefore getting real estate for a good price is not impossible though sometimes hard.

The property business in this area is a developing industry. Since I have only knowledge of what I like I needed the help of a an expert. We found a few experts! We have separate agents for the Lumut/Seri Manjung area and for Penang.


Pangkor is NOT Penang! There's hardly any car on the island, no skyscrapers and the beaches are clean. It's also not necessary since Pangkor is small enough to go around on motorbike or by taxi.

Pangkor is small, about 25 by 3 km. And Pangkor is surprisingly hilly. Most of Pangkor is nature reserve which means, it's not for any kind of development available.

We receive quite a few queries for beach land. Unfortunately there is hardly any land at the beach available as either it is to difficult to build (high rocks) or already in use. Every once on a while we do see land for sale but I have to be honest with you, for the price/quality of the land, usually the price is too high or the land is too hard to develop. So Pangkor is not the best option. Plus, if you would be able to buy, you have to bring all the materials from the mainland.

PenangTanjung Bungah

Penang is a completely different story. It's a lot bigger then Pangkor and therefore there is a lot more possible. We have our agent in Penang to help us out with the latest info about available property.

Development in Penang can be at the island itself but also in the vicinity, Butterworth on the mainland or other areas.

Penang is interesting for all kinds of budgets. We have set up a series of pages what we think is interesting in Penang and from what we know is available.

See also our Retire in Penang page with more about Tanjung Tokong, Batu Ferringhi and other areas. Interested? Please send our real estate agent at Penang your questions


Lumut is an interesting place to live. There's quite a lot available in different price classes. Why is Lumut good to live? Some of the apartments I am going to show you have fantastic views. Alright, I am biased. But you will have a look for yourself and see if I am right.

Central Lumut
The heart of Lumut town

Keep in mind that Lumut has no beach, so beach villas or even land in Lumut at the beach is available.

In and just outside Lumut there are some great places to live. Desair is located just outside Lumut on the way to Seri Manjung. On the hill-top in Lumut there's Harbor View. Further the Lumut Valley Resort Condominium has apartments for rent available. Blue Bay resort has great apartments with views on the bay and the newly build Lumut Waterfront available.

Lumut has it. Although Lumut is basically a very small town with western styled restaurants and hotels it offers a good places to live. Have a look at the possibilities in Lumut.

Seri Manjung

Seri Manjung, Venice of PerakAnother place to set up your tent, so to say. Seri Manjung, a few kilometers from Lumut, has more variety to offer then Lumut.

In Lumut it is mostly apartments, Seri Manjung gives you the possibility to rent or buy a house.

Especially Venice of Perak is a good designed area and it's comfortable living there. But as Manjung is rapidly expanding, there are other areas with new build houses. Consult our agent for details

The area is called Venice of Perak because there's a little river crossing the housing area. Perak is the name of the province in which Seri Manjung is located. When I say houses, I should say bungalows. Nice big bungalows, some with swimming pools and still reasonable priced. Check the possibilities in Seri Manjung.


Real estate and property in SitiawanSitiawan is booming, in fact it is one of the fastest growing towns in Malaysia. Not for nothing there's a lot of new housing projects going on.

And with the new houses come the Supermarkets and shopping centers. In the last 6 years I saw Econsave, Giant and now Tesco coming. Sitiawan is growing up.

True, it's no longer as cheap as years ago. Still, if you search you will be able to find yourself a very nice house for an even better price.

We have done some work for you. Here's some examples of new build (and some are still in the process of building) houses and property.

Property in Sitiawan

Teluk Senangin

Teluk Senangin, a great possibility to start building!Teluk Senangin is a different story. The location is just opposite of Pulau Pangkor. There's no real estate for sale but there's some great land for sale.

Teluk Senangin is a small fisherman's village. It hardly sees tourists but the beach is nice and clean. Although the beach land is not for sale, some of the land just on the other side of the road is available.

This is a potential area for someone who wants to invest in some luxury hotel or a holiday bungalow. Just have a quick look at the possibilities at Teluk Senangin.

Contact our agent for details

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