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Property and real estate Lumut

Property and real estate Lumut is not as much available as you might want or even think. However, there are some good options. This page focuses on 3 main areas: Desair, Habor View and Blue Bay

The pool of Desair service apartments in Lumut
The pool of Desair service apartments in Lumut

Lumut can be your starting point to explore real estate possibilities in the Pangkor area. Although Pangkor has land available, the housing business is mostly concentrated in and around Lumut, Seri Manjung and Sitiawan.

Lumut is a small town as described in our Lumut page. But why would you go to Lumut if Pangkor island is so nearby? Pangkor is a great holiday island. Lumut is a great place to live. It's a small town, good restaurants, beautiful views. Isn't that what you want?

Desair Apartments

Well, the truth is, you want to live somewhere comfortable. In this page we will introduce to you only some of the real estate possibilities in Lumut. Housing in Lumut can be from modest priced apartments to the very classy up-market and high class houses. Everything is available. Pangkor has the hotels, Lumut the houses.

Real estate in Lumut has 3 options: Desair, Harbour View and Blue Bay:


Desair is one of the prime real estate in Lumut options. It's a bit away from the town but still near enough (also Seri Manjung is nearby). Desair has some stunning, and I mean STUNNING apartments with even more STUNNING views. Let's go inside the building and have a quick look.

Desair apartments Lumut 
Hoover your mouse over the photos of real estate Lumut to get a better view

DesairApartments Lumut, dining room Desair Apaprtments another view from the living room Desair Apartments bedroom

I saw the top floor apartments of Desair.... and wow.... here you find some first class apartments you would like to live in! Large and spacious rooms, balcony and VERY stylishly decorated. Simple and effective. (see above)

These apartments come with home theater and computer connections. All very nice but the real spectacular part was the view. The apartment on the above photos is at the 17th floor. It offers a stunning view over the lush green lands and the Dinding river.

View to the Desair Tower Lumut
View to the Desair Tower Lumut

Other apartments on different floors are available, they're slightly less spacious and luxurious but a really good value.

And don't forget the pool downstairs!

Harbor View Lumut

The Harbor View apartments are located in the middle of Lumut on one of the hilltops. Here are also some beautiful apartments available. The best ones are at the top. From the balcony you have a beautiful view over the whole surrounding area.

view over the Dinding river
Harbor View is a prime real estate Lumut project

The apartments at the Harbor View in Lumut are spacious and come with all comforts.

Lumut Harbour View
Real estate Lumut: Harbour View

The kitchen offers anything you may need, including laundry machine and dryer. All the other kitchen stuff you probably need is available too.

Blue Bay Resort Lumut

Blue Bay Resort is lined up next to the Lumut Waterfront and the Lumut International Yacht Club. I can not empathize enough how much comfort these apartments have.

Blue Bay Apartments Living room

The view over the surrounding areas covers quite some of the Lumut Waterfront. And sometimes at night there are activities at the promenade. In these apartments, you'll be at front row!

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