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Here are some stories and adventures of people traveling to Pangkor island. After reading what Meg and Ken and Michael wrote, you may want to add your own Pangkor adventure

We would love to come back next year as we enjoyed it very much. With our experiences we have something to look forward to. The four of us had a great meal at Nipah Bay Villa. The family was very nice to us. Netty, who is working for the family was very helpful and if we come next year this is the place we want to stay.

Michael from Sweden spend early 2006 at Pangkor.

After we had been at wonderful Borneo, and visited the friendly Iban people, we went to Kuala Lumpur. It's a wonderful city but we wanted some days at a paradise beach.

So we went by taxi to Pangkor Island. Wow, what a memories I have about Pangkor now I am back in Sweden. It will last for a lifetime!

The food, the sunsets, all the wildlife! We saw wild monkeys and the beautiful hornbill birds which seemed to be everywhere!

The beaches is were good and clean. On our last night we were at the beach. The sand was sparkling and glittering, I don't know what it whas, but i think it was some kind of very small sea animal that had been swept up on the beach.

The beaches are great for swimming ,but be very careful, there can be nasty jellyfish. I was burned badly. Even look were you put your foots in the water, there is some sticky creeps on the bottom. But overall, this is a truly paradise island and I am I will be back!


Meg and Ken from Japan where chilling out in Pangkor early 2006. They too enjoyed the island and recommend some good places to eat:

During our stay, we enjoyed local food very much and we have never eaten at the restaurant in our hotel! I am not sure if you are interested in, but we recommend some restaurants which are very good and cheep.

They are "Guan Guan restaurant" in the Pangkor town close to the Maybank, and "TJ restaurant" in Nipah Bay. Guan Guan is a Chinese restaurant and sea-food is excellent. We ate fried squid, steamed prawn, noodle, and soup and all we love so much!

TJ is a sea-food restaurant, you can choose from "today's catch" in front of the restaurant ,there are many kind of fish, squid, prawn, stingray, etc on the ice and chef cooks them in front of you. But if you go there a little bit late, nothing left!

If you have a chance to eat on the island , you will love them.

I have never failed to choose those food in any country I have traveled. In your website , Indian tea (chai) looks amazing! We are looking forward that your web site will update.


Meg and Ken

And ...

It's a great website, I actually live in Lumut & knew this website from the famous Mrs Kimi from Sitiawan. Please write more info on local seafood restaurant in Kampong Koh & Kampong Cina. Thank you & best regards,

Kiki Isbianto, Lumut.

Rick says:

I can't believe that such a small, rural area has such a comprehensive, interesting website. Congratulations. Single handily it has made me seriously think that Pangkor/Lumut is the place to head for when I come to Malaysia under the MMSH scheme.

John said:

Very nice site! I literally fell in love with your site when I first saw it.

Add your own Travel to Pangkor/Lumut or Malaysia story.

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Irina and Jonathan on holiday in Pangkor

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