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Lumut maps - maps of Lumut, Seri Manjung and the surrounding

Although the town is small, it is handy to have a Lumut map. Regularly people ask me if it is far from the bus station to the jetty, or if you need a taxi to go around in Lumut. All those questions are answered with this map which is special made for the Pangkor website. I hope you find it useful.

Map of Lumut

Legend of the Lumut Map

Hotels Restaurants and Cafes
1. Orient Star A. Capri Italian Restaurant
2. Lumut Valley Condominium B. Jook Joint Bistro
3. Galaxy Inn C. Nasi Kandar
4. Era Backpackers Guesthouse D. Nasi Kandar
5. Lumut Country Resort E. KFC
6. Lumut Yacht Club F. Rockefeller Cafe
7. Blue Bay Hotel G. Food stalls and tourist shops
8. Harbor View apartments H. Food stalls at the bus station
  MB = Maybank
  PO = Post Office

The surrounding of Lumut, Seri Manjung and Sitiawan

Turtle Breeding station Kampung Bahru Teluk Senangin Swiss-Garden Golf Resort & Spa Damai Laut Dinding River Ipoh Taman Paya Bakau Teluk Intan Teluk Rubiah Boat to Pangkor Lumut and the surrounding with Seri Manjung, Sitiawan and more

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More hotels in Lumut and Teluk Batik

Although Lumut is mostly ignored by travelers it is a popular destination for local tourists.

There are some good deals to be found in both Lumut and Teluk Batik. Have a look:

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Lumut Heritage

There isn't a lot heritage left in Lumut. And what there is, will soon be destroyed in the name of development and progress (my expectation). So if you have an interest in heritage buildings in Lumut, you better be quick

Lumut Heritage

Lumut Heritage