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Jungle trekking Teluk Segadas
and jungle trekking to Pasir Bogak

You can go jungle trekking around Teluk Segadas whichis a small beach at the south side of Pangkor. It is connected to the rest of the island by a small jungle path that starts in Teluk Gedong.

Teluk Segads, south Pangkor

Three kilometers south of Pangkor town and one kilometer from the Dutch Fort and Tigerrock, you will find Kampong Teluk Gedong, a small Malay fishing village. There is not a lot to keep you stay here although the views on the straits towards the Perak mainland can be very pretty.

The reason to come here is to visit the Teluk Segadas beach. It's a lovely little beach which is seldom visited by foreign tourist. Local Malaysians know the beach as there is a campsite. There are no other facilities as restaurant or toilet. You may be able to obtain some from the campsite but don't count on it.

Spectacular views from Teluk Gedong towards the Perak mainland

Spectacular views from Teluk Gedong towards the Perak mainland

The 20 minutes jungle trekking Teluk Segadas goes through a lush dense rainforest. It's not a difficult trekking. I've done it with children of 6 and 10 years old. There is a short hill in the middle of the trekking before reaching the beach.

Teluk Segadas, south Pangkor

Start of the jungle trekking Teluk Segadas

The beach, especially at high water levels is small as the water comes almost to the trees. At low water it's a pleasant beach.

Teluk Segadas, south Pangkor

Jungle trekking Teluk Segadas to Pasir Bogak

Contrary to the jungle trekking at the northern part of Pangkor, this trekking should be done with a guide. I've been trying to do this trek on my own and failed twice, once with getting totally lost in the dense jungle, the second time I found a path from the top of the hill to Teluk Gedung but there was no sign of a path to Pasir Bogak.

Jungle trekking Teluk Segadas to Pasir Bogak Jungle trekking Teluk Segadas to Pasir Bogak

It all starts at the end of Teluk Segadas with climbing up on a steep rock. There is a rope to help you. The steep part continues for a short bit but soon it will be easier walking.

Jungle trekking Teluk Segadas to Pasir Bogak

An easy trail to follow ... that will soon change

The path is at first clean and clear but soon the trail disappears and comes back. Although there are markers they're not plentiful and easy to miss.

That said, if you pay attention to the markers, you will easily find the trail continuing to the top of the hills, 905ft, 300 meter altitude. The climb itself is not too difficult and at the top you can already see glimpses of Pasir Bogak. It seems easy to get there. So here is what happened to me.

Jungle trekking Teluk Segadas to Pasir Bogak

The jungle get more dense and
the trail seems to disappear from time time

My jungle trekking Teluk Segadas to Pasir Bogak and how I got lost

I was expecting it wouldn't take long before I reach the beach for a refreshing swim. However, there are several trails from the top continuing and which one should you take?

Jungle trekking Teluk Segadas to Pasir Bogak

The golden rule is to use the biggest trail. And so I did, there was even a marker. But as I said, the trail appears and disappears continuously and I must have missed a junction. Twice I went back to points with markers but after the second time I simply accepted there wasn't a marker.

Jungle trekking Teluk Segadas to Pasir Bogak
Aaahh... I knew I was still on the right track

The rest, so to say, is history. I got lost in the dense jungle. The trail, I was still on one, ended at some point at a kind of ridge so I decided to follow the hill slopes in the hope to find the main trail back. It was useless, I did find a small stream that gave me a little refreshment.

Jungle trekking Teluk Segadas to Pasir Bogak
The peak at 905ft, 300 meter

When I was climbing up to the top of the hill, I could hear the hornbill birds making noise to my right side. I had left that sound at first behind me but now I had it in front of me. That, together with the direction of the sunlight told me I was on my way back to Teluk Segadas but I had no idea how far it really was.

Climbing to the top had taken me about an hour and a half taking it easy. After getting lost it took me another 2.5 hours to find back a place I recognize. And that point came in the end. At one moment, I found a trail with markers back. A good sign. I realized I was now close to Teluk Segadas again and had made a nice loop but didn't see Pasir Bogak. So that trekking Teluk Segadas - Pasir Bogak has to be done next time.

Jungle trekking Teluk Segadas to Pasir Bogak
Ouch, where is the trail now?

I walked back to Teluk Gedung, had a drink as I was the last hour without water and had a swim to get the dirt of me.

The water cleaned the several little wounds by leeches and thorns I had to work my way through not to mention the dozens of mosquito bites (despite mozzie repellant) on my legs. I was out of the jungle.

My second attempt early 2012

Early 2012, I went again, confident I would be able to find the path now. Unfortunately none of the markers lead me to Pasir Bogak. I did find an alternative way from the top to Teluk Gedung. This leads me to believe that if a path to Pasir Bogak exists, it is 1. seldom used and 2 very difficult to find.

Jungle trekking Teluk Segadas to Pasir Bogak

I was close to several wild boar, I could hear them but in the dense forest it was impossible to see them. A bit further I was stung by several wasps. Most of the stungs were in my head and it became dangerous as I started losing partly the control over my body. Fortunately I was on a path that, I though would lead me to Pasir Bogak. Instead, it brought me back to Teluk Gedung. It was just on time, outside the jungle I lay down for about an hour before I was able to get me some drinks and a swim to get the dirt of me.

Warning and advice

Contrary of the trekking to Bukit Pangkor, as described here you will need to do this trekking with a guide. I consider myself as reasonable experienced in jungle trekking, but I made a mistake on the way. In my case it took me 2.5 hours and a lot thinking about directions using the sun and the sounds of the jungle as my guide to get out of the jungle. It could have been worse.

My second attempt to hike from Teluk Segadas to Pasir Bogak
My second attempt to hike from Teluk Segadas to Pasir Bogak

For this trekking you definitely need plenty of (I had 3 liters with me) water, a lunch pack and mosquito repellent. A compass should be mandatory despite the first time I wouldn't have been able it much. The second time I would surely have had benefits of the compass.

Kampung Teluk Gedung
My second attempt to reach Pasir Bogak ended right here at
the back of Kampung Teluk Gedung. At the back of this place is a
little volleyball field where I came out of the jungle

Be aware you can not drink from any stream in the jungle and realize you will find (especially after heavy rain) plenty of leeches. Advice for leeches, let them suck your blood, they will fall off after they're full. Trying to get them off may result in leaving the head of the animal in your flesh which might result in infections. The wound of a leech does not heal quickly due to an enzyme they use but it is harmless. After jungle trekking it's a good thing to get in the sea to wash your dirt of and clean the eventual little wounds and mosquito bites.

I never made it to Pasir Bogak, but I had a great 5 (first time) and over 6 hours (2nd time) jungle trekking Teluk Segadas with the intention to reach Pasir Bogak. It had been a rewarding days!

Should you do this trekking without a guide, NOT RECOMMENDED, always STAY ON THE PATH. If a marker disappear, go back and find the next one from that point. From my own experience I can say, you don't want to be lost in the dense tropical rainforest here.

Other options for hiking in Lumut

Another hike can be done from Teluk Batik, not far away though you need either your own transport to Teluk Batik or hire a taxi.

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