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Jungle trekking at Pangkor

In 2005 I went jungle trekking at Pangkor, but didn't really finish it. September 2011 I went back and went all the way over the island with a visit to Bukit Pangkor (330m altitude). Over the years I have seldom heard of people doing this trekking. It's unclear why but I suspect it's because the beaches of Pangkor are a far more relaxed way to enjoy the island.

Bukit Pangkor, the top of the highest hill.

Bukit Pangkor, the top, the main destination during Jungle trekking at Pangkor
but there are no nice views over the island.

The jungle of Pangkor was for a long time one of the must things to do for me. For whatever reason it didn't come that far until September 20, 2011. I felt I was better prepared than in 2005, because I have done a lot of jungle trekking at the mainland in the Teluk Batik area (see Jungle trekking in between Teluk Rubiah and Teluk Batik). I usually go on my own. And so it was this time.

The starting point of the jungle trail, at the north east point of Pangkor
The starting point of the Jungle trekking at Pangkor

On arrival at Pangkor I took a taxi to the start of the jungle trekking near the new incinerator at the north east point of Pangkor. The first 50 meters or so as paved, but not to my enjoyment. The concrete is slippery with algae and mosses. Fortunately after that it's a proper jungle trail.

I started off with walking up. Soon the sounds of the "civilization" were behind me and what was left was the noise of the jungle. I found plenty of very wild boar trails, no older than a few hours maximum.

Bukit Pangkor, the top of the highest hill.

After a few 100 meters the first resting place was seen but I didn't use it. However, if this is your first trekking, you probably want to have a few minutes rest here.

The path followed all the way up. To my surprise I found road markers,

Jungle trekking at Pangkor
First resting spot during Jungle trekking at Pangkor

There are several of these markers and they will safely lead you up to Bukit Pangkor, the top of the highest hill of Pangkor. After about 1.5 km you come at a junction. To your left the path starts descending. For going to Bukit Pangkor, go right and for some time quite steep up. There is a marker stone.

Jungle trekking at Pangkor

In fact, once you are at the top, which is about 1 hour hike (from the incinerator) all uphill, you have had the easiest part of the jungle trekking at Pangkor. That is, if you decide to follow the trekking to Pasir Bogak which is what I recommend.

Junction to Bukit Pangkor
Junction to Bukit Pangkor, there's a marker on your right

On top of Bukit Pangkor there are a few smaller paths going down. I have not taken these, I took the same path down to the junction (see above) and went to the right, following the path downwards to Pasir Bogak. Don't think it's all done by now. In fact it is still over 4 km hiking to Pasir Bogak.

Jungle trekking at Pangkor

You might expect that from here on it is easier. At first it is a comfortable walk, you get your breath back. After 300 meters you will get your first challenge. Here is a resting place but it seems not very clear where to go. Once you sit and rest you will see the path right in front of you, it turns from the path you came from directly to your right and... up hill!

Bukit Pangkor, Pulau Pangkor highest hill

A warning this is wild life reserve, but it's almost impossible to read.
To the right, a path, I believe might go in the direction of Teluk Nipah, unconfirmed.

After reaching the top, it's actually more a pass, you will find more obstacles on your way. Take good care where you step as it is easier to slide down the hills.

Bukit Pangkor, the top of the highest hill. Bukit Pangkor, the top of the highest hill.
Left: the path is blocked, but you can pass
Right: a very easy part of the jungle trekking at Pangkor

A place of confusion

Although most of the path from here on goes down, it's far from easy. With no more than about 1.5 km (from the beach) to go you will arrive at a point where you seem to have no further path (tiny stream 1 at the map). There's some mud and a bit of water.

Jungle trekking at Pangkor
Paths are sometimes a bit steep to climb as Johan shows.

To your left there is a steep hill up which looks more or less like a path but will lead you right back into the center of Pangkor and deep in the hills, DO NOT go that way. Going uphill, I tried, seem not to be the solution. Here's why.

The paths (usually loggers trails) here are manmade, therefore they will always try to find the easiest way around.

This particular slope is about 60%, sandy, slippery and very difficult. It couldn't be the place. So I walked a little back, just before the muddy pool and there I saw it: to my right on the other side of a landslide: there the path continued. Now I knew where I had to go, I had to find a way to come there without any risk.

Jungle trekking at Pangkor
A place of confusion, tricky place, there's a crack in the
ground and only one place to cross safely

Going straight is impossible and to your right there seem to be the remains of landslides. Where to go?

Jungle trekking at Pangkor
The path is not always cleared, a little climbing over the
branches is usually enough to pass

Just after the muddy pool, no more than a few meters, I could safely pass the landslide and work my way through the jungle, 15 meters or so to be back on track.

At this part of the jungle trekking at Pangkor there are no longer markers, you have to follow the main path and don't leave it!!!

Just at the edge of the forest reserve you will find remains of people's visits. It's an ugly sight. Locals, most likely poachers for wild boar, leave their junk at an abandoned hut. It was the only waste I found on the whole trekking.

jungle trekking at Pangkor
Waste and dirt left by local poachers

At several points the path was blocked by the jungle, not many people ever come here. It had been all a moderate descending but the worst was yet to come. The last few hundred meters went all the way quite steep down. At the lowest point, I could see Pasir Bogak.

Now the trail turned north and was leading me to the Suspension Bridge, from where I could easily walk back to the beach. The trek had taken me 4 hours.

Johan at the Pangkor Suspension Bridge

Johan at the suspension bridge at the end of the jungle trekking

If you are interested in doing this jungle trekking, I suggest:

  1. Print out my maps of the complete trekking
  2. Start at the Pangkor Incinerator because this is the easier walk
  3. Start no later than 10AM, in case you get in trouble, either with losing the path, or getting tired and need more time, you have spare time until sunset.
  4. Wear proper shoes, hiking boots or sport shoes will do
  5. Wear long trousers and a shirt with long sleeves. It's not necessary but can help protecting you for leeches and mosquitoes, If you decide, like me, not to do so, bring plenty of mosquito repellent and keep checking your legs for leeches.
  6. Bring at least 2 liters of water, and bananas for for instant energy.
  7. Do NOT leave anything behind, take your plastic bottles with you back, you can leave the organic waste but nothing else.

This trekking does not require a guide as long as you follow the instructions on this page. The trails are easy to follow except on one particular place, see above).


On arrival at Pasir Bogak, have a swim, this will immediately clean out the eventual little wounds the leeches have created.

You may hear, heck even see wild boar, hornbill birds, monkeys, snakes, reptiles or even a squirrel or 2 but (especially if you go in a group) the animals flee for the noise you make. The only animals you will see plenty off are mosquitoes and leeches (especially after the rain).

Pasir Bogak

Swimming after the jungle trekking washes a lot of dirt and tiredness away

Other options for hiking in Lumut

Another hike can be done from Teluk Batik, not far away though you need either your own transport to Teluk Batik or hire a taxi.

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