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Getting around in Pangkor is easy....
...if you know how!

"Is it difficult for getting around in Pangkor?", as some people keep asking me. Well, Pangkor is a small island, the circle road around the island is only 18 km long.

Since it is so small there aren't a lot of cars (though plenty of motorbikes). You can not even bring your own car!

Teluk Ketapang beach

Although cars can not be brought on the ferry you are able to take your motorbike (scooters) or bicycle.

The island circle road is narrow and sometimes steep. Most of your travel on the island will be by taxi, motorbike or bicycle.

On arrival the taxi and motorbike drivers are waiting for you. Usually it's not a big problem, prices are fixed but the board with the prices has been take away. Getting around in Pangkor with Mr. Yaya in his taxi

By car

Unexpected as it may be, you can rent a car on Pulau Pangkor. It should costs about RM 90.00 a day for the cheapest. Don't expect a limousine but the cars are in good condition.

But to be honest, for getting around in Pangkor you don't need a car. However, if you insist, Ah Foo Motor has reliable cars available.

  • Ah Foo Motor
    8, Taman Desa Pangkor
    Jalan Pasir Bogak, 32300 Pangkor, Perak.
    Tel: 05-6851752 Mobile: 012-5201545

By taxi

There is one road on Pulau Pangkor. It circles around Pangkor Island. Altogether it is about 18 km plus another 4 km towards the Dutch Fort and Tiger Rock. .

transport at pangkor, much goes by motorbikeTypically people will use a taxi to get to their hotel and rent one for a round the island trip (around RM 40-60 depending on the season).

The pink colored minibus taxis offer enough space for a family to go around Pangkor.

Alternatively many choose to explore Pangkor on their own and rent a motorbike or bicycle.

A warning is important. The northern road at Pangkor towards Teluk Dalam is steep and small. If you have not much experience with driving a motorbike, it can be difficult, if not dangerous.

I have little experience with motorbikes and slipped on the climb up to Teluk Dalam, had to go to a hospital. It wasn't bad but it was still enough for me never to do that again. (I feel safer on bicycle)

By motorbike

The road at Pangkor is at parts steep and small. The costs for renting a motorbike should be around RM 40 for the whole day. One of the companies renting motorbikes is: Soon Seng Motor. They are at 12 Main Rd (near jetty), 05-6851269, and also have a branch at Standard Camp, Pantai Pasir Bogak, 05-6851878.

A hard to find view on the south east part of Pulau Pangkor

A little hard to find, a lost resort at the south east coast of the island.

Alternatively you can rent one in your hotel. Make sure you get a helmet. Although you will see many people without using one, it is mandatory in Malaysia.

When you rent a motorbike, make sure the brakes and gear work properly. Then you head for the filling station. For going around the island you need about one liter petrol. So don't put more petrol in the tank then necessary

If you are at a beach, or have a meal, lock your bike. Pangkor is a safe place but it's better to be safe than sorry.

By bicycle

Cycling at Pangkor is fine, but you may find the road on the north steep.

Before you go around on a bicycle, check the brakes, gear system and the tires.

Peter on his bicycle at Pulau pangkorThe price of renting a bicycle is RM15 a day.

Public transport

Pulau Pangkor does not have public transport in the form of local buses available so all your transport will be by pink taxies or motorbike, bicycle or on foot..

On the mainland, you can arrange transport by bus or taxi to almost anywhere in Malaysia. The intercity buses are doing a very good job. (tip: take the Sri Maju buses for traveling to KL or Penang, as Transnasional occassionally takes detours through for example Kuala Kangsar and therefore can take up to an hour longer).

Check for the details on the busses our Bus schedule page and our general Travel to Pangkor page.

Have a great time in getting around in Pangkor but take some care as some parts of the circle road are narrow and steep. Especially on motorbike or bicycle you have to take some extra care. Fortunately there is not much traffic. That makes going around on Pangkor Island very easy.

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