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The destruction of Teluk Segadas

Teluk SegadasThe destruction of Teluk Segadas is a fact, accordsing to an interview Chief Minster Zambry of Perak gave with the Star late 2011.

According to theis articles, Zambry has given his blessing to the destruction of 121 ha virgin jungle will be destroyed, a piece of land that has been laying idle for a some 20 years.

The project should be finished in Zambry's eyes in the next 18 months. This means if you want to see how beautiful Teluk Segadas is at this moment, you have no choice than to go right now.

Pangkor will forever change. In my eyes it will effectively mean not only the destruction of Teluk Segadas but also a major blow to nature conservation in the area (which already got a major blow by the building of the iron ore by Vale industries at Teluk Rubiah)

The Pangkor Island skyline is set to undergo major changes in the next 18 months to give way to tourism. Dr. Zambry, assembly man for Pangkor in Perak state said the project would consist of houses, which tourists could invest in, as well as boarding houses.

“There will be mixed development on the piece of land, which has been left idle for some 20 years now,” he told reporters. The word "idle" in this context is interesting as in Malaysia it seems more and more that any piece of nature is seen as "idle" and therefore to develop land.

This part of Pangkor will be developed into new fishing villages
This part of Pangkor will be developed into new fishing villages

So far nothing has been done due to lack of funding but that seems to be all settled.

Start of the 20 minutes jungle trek to Teluk Segadas
Start of the 20 minutes jungle trek,
part of the destruction of Teluk Segadas

In addition to the project the state will set up additional fishing villages on the island to accommodate its second generation of fishermen. In effect it means the southern half of Pangkor loses the jingle.

“We are in the process of identifying which are the suitable locations on the island to develop these villages.”

East coast of Pangkor island

Although this looks beautiful, and it is beautiful, the water quality
at the east shore of Pangkor is lousy and not suitable for tourism development
and with the development of Teluk Rubiah, it will not get better

He said adding that new fishing villages on the island will be build in addition to those which are located at Teluk Gedong and at the end of Sungai Pinang Kecil, at present.

Anyone who knows this part of Pangkor will wonder where Dr. Zambry wants to build new villages.

Teluk Segadas Beach
Sunset at Teluk Segadas

Why "destruction of Teluk Segadas" and not "development"?

Teluk Segadas is a very small beach surrounded by hills and only assessable by a small jungle path.

I've tried a few years back to find another trail to the beach but failed, despite having maps available made by the navy.

The hills on the Teluk Segadas side are steep. To start developing something here effectively mean you have to tear down the hills and thus the lush jungle available.

Teluk Segadas

The jungle at this part of the island offers a home to animals and birds like the hornbill , admitting, the Greater Hornbill living here is imported and many unique orchids.

But will building more hotels offer more to tourists at Pangkor? Without more "things to do", the answer will be straightforward be NO.

During the high season, thing of Christmas, New Years Eve, Chinese New Year and the school holidays, Pangkor is quiet. Hotels are usually empty and it is even difficult for hotel owners to find proper staff.

beach of Teluk Segadas
Teluk Segadas, a beautiful remote beach at Pulau Pangkor

Building more tourist accommodation can only succeed if there is more done to provide tourists with things to do. That aspect is not mentioned by Dr. Zambry. The aspect of nature demolition has no priority either what makes you wonder who is going to win here? In other words, I can only see a destruction of Teluk Segadas where nobody is going to win except the contractors and those who take a share about THAT particular piece of the operation.

Article source: The Star, December 15, 2011

Teluk Segadas article in the Star
Photo is of course NOT Teluk Segadas, it's Teluk Nipah
in that sense The Star has no clue what they are writing about

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