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Chinese New Year, Hari Raya, Thaipusam and others

For many people world wide the new year does not start at January 1 but on the first day of the lunar calendar of the year. That day is every year different but it usually falls in late January or early February.

What do you do with Chinese New Year? Were you in Malaysia during the Thaipusam? Did you celebrate Hari Raya with your Malay friends? In the few years in Malaysia I have seen many activities, but I am curious about your experiences.

This page is not for the Malaysian festivals only! Share your festival experience with other travelers. Some travelers have already added their experiences! Click here to read them.

I remember my first Chinese New Year. It was in Beijing China. What knocked me out was that everything on New Years Eve was closed, even getting a meal was hard! But at 12 midnight the staff knocked on my door, wishing me a happy new year with 2 bottles of beer and a bowl of noodles!

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A Busy Lunch In the Chinese New Year ! 
I come from a small village on the top of mountain which only have less than 100 People. As the local culture, the new couple visit the wife's family …

My experience with Chinese New Year 
What I remember of the CNY during my childhood was getting peanuts, mandarin oranges and ang pow from the Chinese neighbors. As I got older and left …

Penang Chinese New Year 
It was the best time of our lives when we were kids. The elders in the family are in happy and humorous moods because everyone is home. Laughing, playing …

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CNY with the hokkiens

Some years ago I was guest in Kuala Kurau, a little town south of Penang. Here I celebrated with the people the Chinese New Year the way they do it. And it was quite an experience!

Chinese New Year in Kuala Kurau

Nine Emperor Gods Festival in Butterworth

One of the most spectacular events I have ever witnessed: the Nine Emperor Gods Festival, a Taoist festival held world wide but I was in Butterworth, near Penang to enjoy 6 of the nine days. Read my report here and my experiences in the Cheng Kon Sze temple in Penang during this festival.

Ching Ming

Another very important Chinese Festival is Ching Ming. And there is quite something to tell about Ching Ming!

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