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What to do on Pangkor beaches?

Relax? Surf? Trek? Propose? Get married?

My first visit was in 2003, and when I visited, I had no idea what the Pangkor beaches would look like.

However, I had seen many other beaches, I thought the beaches of Pangkor would be the same as any other beach. The beaches at the island proved me wrong!

Pasir Bogak

Emerald Bay

Emerald Bay, Pangkor LautEmerald Bay is located on Pangkor Laut. It's maybe one of the most well known Pangkor beaches although not free accessible.

You can still visit Emerald Bay but since Pangkor Laut is a private resort, the entrance to this beach (and to Pangkor Laut) for non-guests is RM 80.00.

Having said that, Emerald beach is a beautiful horseshoe-shaped bay with clear water.

There is fine coral to see. Equipment can be arranged at Pangkor Laut. If you decide to visit Emerald Bay, you first have to go to Lumut and there change boats for going to Pangkor Laut. Although Pangkor Laut is just opposite of Pangkor Island and no more then 10 minutes by boat from Pasir Bogak There's no official boat or ferry available. This is because Pangkor Laut is a private island.

Here weddings are offered and it must be one of the most stunning locations in the world. So if you haven't yet proposed to the person you want to marry with a flawless engagement ring, do it now so you can get married here!

Have a look at one of the most beautiful Pangkor beaches at Emerald Bay and Pangkor Laut

Tranquil Islands

Of all the Malaysian Islands, Pulau Pangkor has still some beautiful and quiet beaches. Here you can still find the peace and tranquility many other beaches in Malaysia have lost.

The sort of peace and tranquility that can be found in an oversized bean bag chair.

Teluk Nipah and Pasir Bogak have attractions as the banana boats, kayaks and jet ski's available. Also it's possible to rent a boat to go around the island and do some snorkeling at Giam Island in front of Teluk Nipah. Snorkeling gear and life-vests are all available and mandatory on the boat.

Other beaches do not offer these facilities though the Pangkor Island Beach Resort has it's own facilities which are not available for non guests.

So, let's have a look at the Pangkor beaches!

Pasir Bogak
Pasir Bogak

Pantai Pasir Bogak

Pantai Pasir Bogak is a few kilometers away from Pangkor Town on the West side of the island. This beach is probably the most popular of the Pangkor beaches. Maybe it is because it is so close to Pangkor Town.

It has been described as 'the biggest swimming pool in the world'. True or not I can not say. However, the water is shallow and crystal clear. You will be able to arrange water-sport-facilities as jet-skiing, snorkeling or rent a canoe.

All along the beach there are open-air food-stalls offering specialties such as barbecued squids, satay and fish crisps. Accommodation is easily available, ranging from luxury hotels, chalets to the more Spartan comforts of 'attap' huts and camping sites.

Coral Bay
Coral Bay, no doubt one of most beautiful beaches
of Pulau Pangkor with its crystal blue waters.

For more on Pasir Bogak, click here

Nipah Bay/Teluk Nipah and Coral Bay

Of all the Pangkor beaches, Teluk Nipah or Nipah Beach is the most beautiful. This beach is located a few kilometers north Pantai Pasir Bogak. The beach is secluded and is able to maintain its natural beauty.

Pulau Giam with Coral Bay in the background
Pulau Giam with Coral Bay in the background

Unlike other beaches, it has corals, sea cucumber and bird lovers can find the hornbill (burung Enggang) on this beach. Conveniently people forget that Teluk Nipah is in fact TWO beaches: Nipah Beach and Coral Bay.

Pulau Giam Teluk NipahNipah Bay Beach has a beautiful view on two small islands called Pulau Giam and Pulau Mentagor. Both of these islands are not inhabited although you might find locals willing to bring you there. It is said that when the tide is out you can even walk to Giam Island although I have never done that.

Giam is mostly interesting for snorkeling. The waters are shallow. I haven't seen much corals here and there's plenty of fish to see.

Both of these island have beaches too. If you're really for some exercise, you can rent kayaks for a paddle out to these islands.

There are hotels and resorts in the middle and lower-ranged budgets around Nipah Bay. In between the beach and the hotels there are small local stalls where, like Pantai Pasir Bogak you can try some of the local specialties. Typical souvenir shops are also available. For good accommodation, check: Anjungan Beach Resort, Horizon-Inn, Nipah Bay Villa or our favorite: Nipah Guesthouse

Have a look at some pictures of Nipah Bay.

View at Teluk Nipah from Pulau Giam
View at Teluk Nipah from Pulau Giam

Teluk Ketapang

Teluk ketapangTeluk Ketapang is sandwiched between the two more well known beaches of Pasir Bogak and Nipah Bay. There's no place to stay at Teluk Ketapang but believe me, the beach is very nice.

A large green grass field lies next to the main road and separates the sand beach from the road. It's a great place for a swim and a view on the Straits of Malacca.

There may be some boatsmen hanging around the pier and if you interested, they will give you a tour around the island.

Of all the Pangkor beaches, this one is the most underrated. Give it a try. Even in school holidays this beach is mostly empty.

Pantai Puteri Dewi

Just another few kilometers further north of Nipah Beach lies Pantai Puteri Dewi in the Belanga Bay. It's just near Pangkor's airport. The name Pantai Puteri Dew means literally Beach of the Lovely Princess. Access to the beach is restricted to guests of Pangkor Island Beach Resort.

It is a bright white sand beach with crystal clear water. There's some beautiful corals to see so don't forget your snorkel. You can rent boats and snorkels at the hotel.

Teluk Segadas

Teluk Segadas, Pulau Pangkor

Teluk Segadas is one of the little known gems on Pulau Pangkor. Few people, including me until recently, know about this little beach. Teluk Segadas is a bit difficult to find. First of all, there's no road to this beach. You have to take a taxi to Teluk Gedong.

You will find the path at the board "Teluk Gedung". There's a path going into the hills which leads you directly to Teluk Segadas, In fact it's short jungle trek of about 15 minutes.

There's a bit of climbing included. Bring food and water as there are no vendors at this beach (you don't need a guide as the path is straightforward).

In general the beach is abandoned so you have it all for yourself. In the bay the water is calm and not too deep, excellent for playing and swimming. The trees from the jungle come at a few places close to the waterfront and give shades. Together with a little breeze this makes Teluk Segadas the best Pangkor beaches.


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