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The gateway to Pangkor with the ferries and other attractions

Lumut is a harbor town and stations the National Navy biggest base on the west coast of Malaysia. You won't be able to visit the naval base (as a foreigner) but you will see the base on the left hand when you take the ferry speedboat to Pulau Pangkor.

It's is a rather small town, in fact it's basically a one street town.

On the main street, there are local shops, restaurants, banks, a few bars and some fine hotels. There is a small (tourist) market opposite of the ferry building.

Originally the villagers made their living in the fishing industry. Some of the locals are still fishermen.

However, many of the locals work these days in the tourist industry. Others find their work at the nearby Port.

The town can be used as a great base to explore Pangkor but gives also the opportunity to explore the surrounding mainland. And this is well worth!

Lumut overview

Airial view printed with permission © Syed Kamalrul Sufian

The tourist office is located on your right to the entrance of the jetty. Opposite of the jetty, there is the Post office. The bus station is located roughly opposite of the jetty, 5 minutes walk. For those with their own transport, behind the bus station is a parking garage.


For more information on the busses, see the bus schedule page

Lumut views to the Lumut Port

View from the Waterfront to the Port

The ferries

Lumut, the new ferry building
The jetty

Tickets for boats to Pangkor can be purchased inside the building although outside there are also a few vendors available. The prices do not differ from each other. A return fare to Pangkor costs RM 10.00.

Read more about the Mesra Ferries

Click here for more information on the ferry schedules.

Places to stay and eat

Although the town is small, it offers a wide range of hotels. We have selected just a few of the best in each price class. Check them out here

No desire to check my recommendations? Check out all the hotels in Lumut and Teluk Batik with Hotelscombined or Tripadvisor

Orient Star and Lumut Condominium
Orient Star and Lumut Condominium


In town you will find some fine western styled restaurants. They offer excellent local and western dishes. The restaurants included: Jook Joint, Restoran Melayu and Restoran Supreme.

One of the two Nasi Kandar restaurants in Lumut
One of the two Nasi Kandar restaurants

At night you can have a beer in a few of the western styled bars like Jook Joint and Rockafellar. Rockafellar is also a popular place for playing some snooker although it might be a bit difficult to get a pool table since it is very popular.

Opposite of the jetty you will see Damar Laut. At the boulevard there are some restaurants and stalls.

Lumut Jook Joint restaurant
Lumut Jook Joint restaurant

Activities in town

At first sight, there seems not a lot to do  apart of shopping for souvenirs and having a meal in one of the local or western styled restaurants. It's just the surface that has to be scratched a bit.

Daily activities can include a range of activities worthwhile. Let's explore:

Lumut Town center

The Waterfront

The Waterfront is a great place to end your day with an ABC ice-cream and watch life passing by. Personally I like to sit there after a good bike ride in the area. The waterfront is nicely designed and has good views over the Dinding river. And with a big playground (there are two in this area) for your children, you can enjoy the scenery over the dinding river.

Lumut waterfront playground
One of the two playgrounds, in the evening it is usually busy

Around town


There's a few things to do around the town center. Most well-known to the locals is the local beach: Teluk Batik which is still about 10 km away. Should you take the opportunity to visit Teluk Batik, you might want to stay here too. There are a few hotels available, you can find some here.

Teluk Batik beach, several km from Lumut
Teluk Batik beach

Further away, about 25km, is the lovely Teluk Senangin beach, during the week totally abandoned but in the weekends many locals come here for a picnic.


This is something which is really interesting. Large parts of the coastline of Perak is Mangrove forest.

Survival trek near Lumut, who is watching who?
Survival in the Mangrove forest:
who is watching who?

Mangrove trees grow their roots partly above the ground in salt water. Therefore the mangrove forest has a unique ecosystem with all kinds of wildlife including fish, crab but also monitor lizards, bird, lots of monkeys and snakes.

Just outside of Lumut, on the way to Pantai Remis/Taiping is a small park: Taman Paya Bakau. For those who have never been inside the mangrove jungle, this is a good moment to see a little of the beauty of the mangrove forests of Malaysia.

It's possible to join a little river cruise in Lumut which will show you the mangrove forest from the river. Depending on the water, the boat will go deeper in the forest or not. At some points the water is no more than a meter deep.

Hiking and trekking is certainly possible. If you have an hour or 2 to burn it's worth to climb up the hills behind the Lumut Condominium. A guide is not necessary. Here are the details for this little hike that surely will make you sweat.

The Teluk Batik area has more to offer for hiking. It is not recommended to go out in the jungle on your own. Although the area is rather small, it's easy to get lost and a part of the area is no longer accessible. (I speak from experience)

The Navy Base with opposite Damai Laut
The Navy Base with opposite Damai Laut, a view you can have when go hiking in Lumut

Still, there's some nice hikes in the area to do. And if you are lucky you run into wild boar, monkey or even a Calliophis bivirgata flaviceps or Blue Coral Snake. In the 6 six years I am hiking in this area I have only seen 3 times, so there's no need to be afraid. Still, it was an extraordinary experience.

The highly venomous Calliophis bivirgata flaviceps or Blue Coral Snake
The highly venomous Calliophis bivirgata flaviceps or Blue Coral Snake

Kaliaman Temple

Should you be interested in visiting a little Indian plantation temple, then I recommend to visit the Kaliaman Temple, a few km out of town. This little temple is a good example of typical Indian temples built all over Malaysia in the plantations where Indian people work.

Real estate

With no beaches in and around Lumut there's no need for enquiries about beach land or houses at the beach. There is simply nothing. However, there is possibilities for those who seek solitude. Teluk Senangin has some land available and although it is not right at the beach it's just a minute away. Should you be interested in obtaining land at Teluk Senangin, check this page for more info.

Bukit Maju with Harbour View and views towards the hills and Dinding river
Rare view to the Dinding river and Desair

Buying property might not be your first choice in Lumut but many foreigners need accommodation for a longer time while they work for the Malaysian Navy or the Powerplant. There are some options:

More about real estate in the vicinity

Lumut Heritage

There is a tiny little bit of heritage left. It's all in deplorable state, so don't expect much. Still, if you are in Lumut and have the interest, it's worth to have a look:

Heritage in town

Inside one of the Lumut heritage office buildings
Inside one of the heritage office buildings

The Port

For those who are interested in the business facilities and opportunities of the Port, visit the Lumut Port website: www.lumutport.com/

The Lumut Port
The Port at about 7.30 AM

What does Lumut further look like? Well, here's a photo page of the town then and now.

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Map of Lumut

For a map of Lumut, please click here, or on the small map here:

Map of Lumut

Tua Pek Kong Chinese temple Pasir Panjiang

Add to this bike/motorbike journey a visit to the Tua Pek Kong Temple, near Pasir Panjiang, one of the few Chinese temples facing the Straits of Malacca.

Tua Pek Kong Temple

Tua Pek Kong temple near Pasir Panjiang and Lumut

Teluk Senangin

Without a doubt Teluk Senangin is one of those beaches seldom visited by travelers. Apart of the weekends it's a virgin beach.

Teluk Senangin

Developments at Teluk Senangin

Sunset Teluk Senangin

Lumut Heritage

There isn't a lot heritage left in Lumut. And what there is, will soon be destroyed in the name of development and progress (my expectation). So if you have an interest in heritage buildings in Lumut, you better be quick

Lumut Heritage

Lumut Heritage

The Dinding River

Few pay attention to the Dinding river when they arrive in Lumut. They are too busy getting the ferry to Pulau Pangkor. Fair enough. However, it is worth to get a boat and visit the swamps and mangrove forest in the area.

Visit the mangrove forest, Taman Paya Bakau

or do a river cruise at the Dinding river

Lumut less then a decade ago

Pieter Kruger from South Africa has lived and worked for a few years in Lumut. He saw a very different village as we know it today. When I came here, in 2003, the old ferry was no longer in service. Yet, Pieter went to Pangkor with the old ferry.old lumut

He was kind enough to send us some photos of his days in Lumut, not even 10 years ago. But it has dramatically changed!

More photos

Cycling/motor biking around the Damar Laut

Opposite of Lumut is an area seldom visited by travelers. It's still nice to cycle, or motorcycle around

Damar Laut

Here is more about Damar Laut

River fishing around Lumut

The Dingding river is maybe not very deep but it does contain a range of opportunities for fishermen to gain their daily meal. I went with them to see how they work:

River fishing in the mangrove forest

Thai Buddhist temple in Sitiawan

The Thai temple in Sitiawan (Kampong Koh) is quite unknown but worth a visit. The temple has a small but active community.

Thai Buddhist temple in Sitiawan