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Rally at Teluk Rubiah

The first step has been made: March 31, 2012: a rally at Teluk Rubiah!

Rally at Teluk Rubiah

One of the organisers of the rally is Howard Lee. He made a clear statement what the meaning of the rally is. Howard's statement was posted on his Facebook account (I left his text untouched, so read it in English, Malay and Chinese).

  • We are not against, but in fact we welcome development and foreign investment. What we are against and strongly object to, is development and investment that comes in the expense of Perakians. This includes the jeopardy of existing industries, and in this case, the fishery, maritime, and tourism industries that provides a living to those who live there.
    Kami tidak menentang, malah menggalakkan pembangunan dan pelaburan asing. Apa yang kami menentang adalah harga pembangunan dan pelaburan tersebut terpaksa dibayar oleh warga perak. \ini termauk risiko terhadap industry sedia ada dan dalam kes ini, perikanan, maritime dan pelancongan yang merupakan punca rezeki mereka yang menetap di sini.

save teluk rubiah

  • we are rallying to raise awareness of the plight of those who have or will suffer from this particular project.
    kami berhimpun demi meningkatkan kesedaran tentang nasib mereka yang telah dan akan menderita kerana projek ini
  • We would like VALE and the state government to make public all temporary plans and/or measures of permanence, and they intend to carry out to mitigate the social, economic, environmental and ecological damages the said plans will bring to the area and its people.
    kami mahukan VALE dan kerajaan negeri mengumumkan semua pelan yang berbentuk tetap mahupun sementara,yang mana menjawab kerosakan social, ekonomi, alam sekitar dan ekologi yang dibawa kepada kawasan ini dan penduduknya

Rally at Teluk Rubiah

  • We request that the state government make public all EIA results it has received, and any further it has imposed upon VALE that it is yet to receive
    kami memohon kerajaan negeri mengumumkan kesemua keputusan Peniliaian Impak Alam Sekitar yang telah diterima dan juga yang sama diwajibkan keatas VALE yang mana ia masih belum terima
  • We demand that the state government declare the list of alternative sites it may have considered to offer VALE before it’s current site and reasons for their unsuitability in comparison to Teluk Rubiah
    kami menuntut kerajaan negeri mengisytiharkan senarai tapak alternative yang mungkin telah dipertimbangkan untuk ditawarkan kepada VALE iaitu sebelum tapak sedia ada dan juga sebab-sebab ia tidak sesuai berbanding Teluk Rubiah
    我们也要州政府公布,除了Teluk Rubiah所有曾经被考虑为巴西淡水河谷公司的替代地点,以及列出该地点的不适合因素。
  • We would like to ask if the project as proposed in its entirety is in breach of any agreement, laws or arrangement, domestic or international between all parties concerned
    Kami mahu bertanya sama ada projek tersebut melanggar mana-mana perjanjian, undang-undang peraturan, tempatan mahupun antarabangsa di antara semua pihak yang terlibat
  • What direct control does the state government have in the operations of VALE, and specifically the teluk rubiah jetty and processing project?
    Apakah kuasa secara terus yang dipunyai kerajaan negeri dalam operasi VALE dan secara khusus, jeti teluk rubiah dan projek pemprosesan

COPYRIGHT of the statement is with Howard Lee

Despite the lousy weather many have showed up to support the case which is important to everyone here in Seri Manjung, Sitiawan, Lumut, Pulau Pangkor and yes, in the rest of Malaysia too.

Rally at Teluk Rubiah

This rally at Teluk Rubiah, at the gates of hell, oops, at the gates of Vale Iron Ore is especially important because the entrance of Vale Industries have a major effect on the lives of everyone in Sitiawan, Seri Manjung, Lumut, Pangkor and all the villages in the neighbourhood. It is shameful, no, disgusting we only hear about this project long after the decisions and investments are made without proper risk assessments, health control and effects on the WHOLE of the population here in this region of Perak.

Rally at Teluk Rubiah
Our friends from Save Malaysia, Stop Lynas were also present!

Reefcheck has recently published a report about Pulau Sembilan including the effects to be expected with the development of Teluk Rubiah.

Rally at Teluk Rubiah
The press was invited and curious to hear what was going on

Chief Minister Zambry of Perak has continuously been lying to the people by claiming Teluk Rubiah will stay green and no environmental issues. Only last week Vale declared the smoke out of the pipes of the factory will harm no one. Here's a few points:

save teluk rubiah

  • Pollution by the increasing ships, they will drop anyway oil and garbage which will end up at the beaches of Pangkor, Teluk Batik and Teluk Senangin.
  • What about the Asthma patients?
  • Loss of jobs due to pollution in the fishing industry
  • Loss of jobs expected in the tourist industry
  • Do we want Seri Manjung and Sitiawan to become a new Klang? a new Butterworth?
  • What about the Marina Island? Do you think with the pollution people are willing to buy a condo or apartment in an environment with an iron ore and dirty waters?
  • With the coming of 5500 new jobs in Seri Manjung, many new houses are needed and as we speak are being built. These people need transport to Teluk Rubiah. The only way now is all the way through living areas. Two options:
    1. Build a new road via Teluk Batik and through the canyon.
    2. Build a tunnel through the hills (not possible as Vale is drilling two new caves)
  • New infrastructure to areas outside the Manjung region. More cars and motorbikes means more asphalt.

These are only a few examples how Vale is going to change the Manjung area forever. And, there is no going back.

save teluk rubiah

The government should know the Malaysian people are no longer buying statements of the government without being a partner in the process. The Malaysian people have the right to know what is going to happen with their living environment BEFORE it is destroyed in the name of progress.

save teluk rubiah
And yes, of course I was there too... photo by Fawi Amin

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