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Penang food is Penang Passion

Penang food is a passion. Few places in the world have such a variety of food in restaurants and food stalls. Few people visiting Penang are not impressed with the quality and variety of the Penang Food.

Penang passion, about penang foodThe quality of the Penang cuisine is not surprising. The Penangians are food crazy. It's not just a handful of people who are food crazy, it seems everyone has a passion for food.

When this book came to my attention, I realized that if there is one book that will make you understand what Penang and food have in common, it's this book we have for you in review: Penang Passion - "food and food tales of Penang".

It the title of this fantastic book by Koh Tze Yin or mostly known as "Tze" by everyone who knows her. This hardcover book starts with a limerick about nutmeg on its sleeve, followed by a brief history of spice trade in Penang.

The rest of the book is peppered with quotes, anecdotes and stories about the food of Penang, the people in the food industry and of course some choice recipes.

What endear me most to this book is the way it is presented. It truly is a heart-felt book by someone who considers Penang as her home even though the author was born in Singapore.

While most cook books revolve about this or that recipe, Tze covers mostly the essence of what food in Penang is all about.

chef 1 chef 2 chef 3 chef 4
Some of the chefs featured in the book.

She tells enchanting stories about the old favorites, complete with riveting pictures about the Mamak Roti, Teh Tarik man, the auntie hawking won ton mee or the makcik selling nasi campur.

Not only that, since the book was also done in collaboration with the Chef's Association of Malaysia, the profiles of the chefs who prepared the dishes are also featured. We got a glimpse of what make these men or women tick. Their likes and dislikes.

There are also restaurant reviews, a peek into high class eateries and the people who work their hearts out with passion to build the business. The book also covers a club of homemakers who really take the art of entertaining seriously. One of them graciously shares her killer recipe. For that reason alone, this book is worth more than its price.

Another thing that I like about the book is the section of basic ingredients that you need to have in order to cook Penang food.

laksa penang
Yummy Penang Laksa

There is also a description about Little India where all these spices are traded and also processed.

Then, there is a visit to a private herb garden and also the subsequent herbal rice that was made out of the the fresh leaves and flowers you pick from the garden. Mmmm!!!

I would recommend this book very much for everyone who has an interest in Penang, love the food or simply a book lover.

For me, it is a real treasure and a steal too. Where else can you get such good value for a mere RM80.00?

Yes, you heard (or read) that right, the book only costs RM80.00 a copy. I have another good news for you, you may also buy this book direct online from this web site. We ship anywhere in the world. The usual postage and packaging charges apply. Trust me, it is worth every single cent you put in.

"Penang Passion - food & food tales of Penang" is highly recommended. Order your copy now.

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