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Pangkor Village Beach Resort

The Pangkor Village Beach Resort is located at the end of Pasir Bogak. It's a great location since it is more quiet then other locations and still near to the areas with stalls and restaurants.

The resort is located just next to the beach. Some of the chalets have a view over the beach and the sea.

Pangkor Village Beach Resort

The beach itself here is quiet and very clean, ideal for swimming. Pangkor Village Beach Resorts' beach is the northern corner of Pasir Bogak. Therefore the water is clean and quiet.

What can the Pangkor Village Beach Resort offer you?


The resort is especially good for groups, either for reunions or school camps. There is a meeting room, a restaurant and even a camp facility with tents available. The resort can handle groups up to 250 people.

Pangkor Village Beach Resort

Additional facilities can be a beach barbeque. Boats can be arranged for fishing trips.

Other water sport facilities as jet skiing can be arranged too. If you haven't seen the island, the staff will be happy to arrange an island trip by taxi for you.

Never done a jungle-trek? This is your chance. There's a good and not too difficult jungle trek over the island possible. One of the staff members will guide you.

Pangkor Village Beach Resort

If you come with a group, all kinds of beach-games can be organized at the beach and in the resort itself.

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It's certainly not because the hotel rooms are not nice but hey.. if you can get a chalet for the same price as a hotel room... I know what to choose...

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