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Azli's Pangkor experience

A week or two back I received a great email from Azli who had just finished visiting Pulau Pangkor with his family. They loved the little time they had. I will not bother you further, just enjoy what Azli has to say about their trip. All photos on this page are made by Azli and his family.

Hi Peter,

Initially I was surprised to know that the website was written by someone who is not originally from Pangkor :):). But trust me you made the articles easy to read and understand and it is a pleasure reading for me.

Checking in at the Lumut ferry
The Family at the Lumut ferry

Yeah, we enjoyed it. We don't have much holidays though. As usual it's the same routine, work, weekend to hometown and work, etc. But after this trip we plan to do other trips when $$$ is available!

The first day after checked-in we had ala carte lunch at the hotel due to no hawkers open near to Coral Bay. After that we took a round island trip. We did some shopping at the dried fish factory. As usual bought those fish crackers, dried prawn, etc.

Checking in at Lumut
Checking in at Lumut

That night we had grill fish at the nearby shop to Coral Bay (at the junction). Next day was a happening too. We decided to try boat trip. What a nice experience. I wish i could spend more time there to try snorkeling, etc. But due to time constraint we only spent time on the boat. :). It took us for about 40mins to 1 hour to complete the boat ride.

By the time we completed the ride it was already close to 11AM. Went back to room to do packaging, etc etc before checkout around 12PM.

I think we were lucky to choose Friday and Saturday instead of Saturday and Sunday. On the way back, I can see all the inbound ferry to Pangkor are fully loaded. The jetty was packed with people. And I believe the beaches and shops will be crowded for the weekends. I prefer weekdays though.

We took a quick lunch at Lumut (KFC) before start the journey back to Kuala Lumpur. But instead of using the same road back, we decided to go to north a bit (Ipoh and Sungkai) to get some lemon barley :). We bought 7 of them !!!!...hehehe...

Pasir Bogak, Pangkor
Pasir Bogak, Pangkor

We joined North South highway from Sungkai exit and headed back to Kuala Lumpur. We had a stop at Tapah to rest because the driving through trunk road and hunting for the lemon barley was tiring :)

All in, it took us around 5 hours from Lumut to Kuala Lumpur. That gave us the Sunday to rest.

I have some pictures here: http://www.pbase.com/norazli/pangkor_2007  We wanted to take more but due to limited time and already tired only got some.

And thanks for your offer to place the article but I don't think i can write a good article though. Only something like above :)

Cheers mate

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