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Gurney Drive Hotels

Gurney Drive seems more then any other area in Penang on a crossroads of old an new. Here you find ultra modern hotels and business buildings which are located next to the old hawker food stalls, ancient temples and many heritage buildings.

Gurney Drive

Penangs' most spectacular boulevard is a splendid area when east meets west. Plenty of excellent hotels and plenty of apartments for sale and for rent.

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 and The Gurney Paragon

Not surprising you will also find here a range of hotels. It's interesting that in an expensive areas like here you will find some surprisingly cheap hotels, somehyper modern, some beautiflly restored heritage hotels. Here are the ons I know and like the best.

Mango Tree Place Hotel

The Mango Tree Place Hotel is one of those gems you easily miss when coming to Penang. Hidden in a side street at Gurney Drive this is an excellent location to explore Penang.

Mango Tree Place HotelThe hotel is a 75 year old townhouse your room in use as a boutique hotel. The sign from the roadside is small, as if the hotel does not want to be seen. Only those interested in staying here will find their way to this exclusive little place.

The Mango Tree Place Hotels claims: "Our goal is to provide each and every guest the luxury of privacy, comfort and a peaceful environment. If you are looking for a unique place that is as luxurious as any resort, but totally private and unique, come to MangoTree Place. We like to say, we are exquisitely off the tourism grid!"

Personally I think this is one of the unusual, nicest and atmospheric places in the Gurney Drive area, if not in all of Penang:

G Hotel

G Hotel lobby and barThe G Hotel is a modern hotel in Penang and as a building it does stand out.

The location is also great, the beach front rooms all have a spectacular view over the Bay and the Andaman Sea. There over 300 rooms, many with bay views but all are very spacious.

As other hotels on the boulevard you are never far away from for example the Burmese Temple or the famous hawker stalls.

Facilities include parking (useful in this part of Penang where parking space is hard to find. There is a restaurant, bar, a very nice garden and room facilities for disabled guests.

The G Hotel is a very stylish and modern hotel and very different from almost all the other hotels in Penang. The lobby alone is already spectacular!

The hotel offer activities as sauna, a gym, spa, massage, Jacuzzi, swimming pool and BBQ facilities. It's an excellent value.

Direct next door is the Gurney Place with outlets as Starbucks, Secret Recipe, Nandos and other restaurants. And don't forget the Gurney Plaza shopping mall.

Clove Hall

The Clove Hall is a very small but very good hotel. It's a heritage house in the Gurney Drive area but not at Gurney Drive itself.

Clove Hall, Penang
Hoover your mouse over the photos to get a better view

Heritage house Clove Hall, now a hotel An old mansion Clove Hall, now Hotel

The hotel is a little hidden but that only ads to the atmosphere.

I have visited Clove Hall twice. It's really an amazing place. It's even more amazing when you realize it was once a mansion.

The original living room is now in use as entry hall. Upstairs are the rooms and they're magnificent. This is probably one of the largest heritage house rooms in complete traditional style with all the comfort you might need in Penang. It ain't cheap but you will find the collonial atmosphere here more than in any other of the heritage hotels (probably with the exception of Cheong Fatt Mansions and Yeng Keng Hotel).

I have seen two rooms in the mansion, both spectacular. They're very big, luxurious and breath the old days.

The swimming pool ads to the fun! One word about the staff, some of the best people you can possibly meet in Penang!

Palanquinn Heritage SuitesPalanquinn Heritage Suites

Palanquinn Heritage Suites breaths the times that Penang was indeed a paradise on earth. The times for the most are long gone but the Palanquinn Heritage Suites let you taste some of the old days.

The Palaguinn B&B is a pre-war building totally renovated in old style. With a very helpful staff in every aspect this is where you can experience Penang from a total different point of view.

Although I never stayed here, I did see the 1st floor street room, a beautiful big room with a lot of colonial atmosphere. Like the Mango Tree Place and Clove Hall, it ain't cheap but what a great place it is!

The Palanquinn even collects the rubbish and selects the plastic water bottles for recycling, a truly eco friendly attitude not seen everywhere!

Good Hope Inn

The Good Hope Inn is probably one of the cheapest hotels in Penang, especially when you compare price versus quality.

Terrace with the bar

Basic, clean rooms, many have balcony, and all have TV, air-con etc. The hotel is quite small, a little squashed in between other towers but nonetheless an excellent value for the price.

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