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Cooking class in Georgetown, some photos!

Nazlina has started her cooking class in Georgetown Penang at her own Nazlina Spice Station. There are 4 classes a week on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. Additional to these 4 classes she offers on Friday afternoon at 3PM a vegetarian class with a visit to Little India.

Occassionally on demand she also offers roti canai classes though these have to be booked in advance.

Special Malay dinners can be arranged on Saturday nights, these multiple courses dinner cost RM 45 p.p.

Nazlina Spice Station
The new location for Nazlina's Cooking Class

The page will show you some images of her classes so you will have an idea what to expect when you book a class.

Here's some examples of dishes she teaches:

Beef Rendang
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Spicy chicken soup Vegetable dalcha Nasi Lemak Sambal beef with long beans Chicken curry Malay style

The class starts as usual with a roti canai breakfast at the corner of Carnavon Street and Campbell Street. So the next section of photos show you what happens after the breakfast

Beef Rendang
Hoover your mouse over the photos to get a better view


Nazlina explains at the start of the Market tour Market tour Exploring the local market The local open air market Visit the Spring Roll Man

Do you want to join Nazlina's cooking class?

The class is held on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday in Nazlina Spice Station. Additional vegetarian classes including a Little India tour are held on Friday afternoons.

The cooking class George Town has to limit the students to a maximum of 12 and full is full. If you want to make a booking, be early so Nazlina can secure your seat.

Before the class, we had a market tour to buy the ingredients we need for cooking.

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Daily Telegraph June 24, 2010

Nazlina's cooking class in the UK newspaper The Daily Telegraph

Daily Telegraph Recommendation Cooking Class Penang

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More photos of dishes, cooking and the market tour

We have hundreds of photos of Nazlina's class. It was hard to make a choice what to use so we decided it was worth to spend another page with just photos. We hope you like it.

More photos of Nazlina's Cooking Class in Penang