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May, school camps, laksa, new bus service, a lot about Pulau Pangkor!
May 26, 2007

May was an interesting month for me. Mr. Goh of Explore the Wilderness invited me twice to join a team building session with 2 different international schools. Maybe school camp is a better way of telling. It was a lot of fun. Some of the photos I have published on the new Pangkor Forums.

I have been really busy the last weeks, my website has a few new pages but most of my time I have spend in setting up a new website about a little town in China: Yangshuo: That said, was there nothing to do at Pulau Pangkor? See the news section for the info of the last month!

  • Pangkor Town, main street burns down
  • New Pages on Pulau all about Laksa
  • School camp in the Teluk Batik jungle
  • Build your own successful website, but how?
  • Pangkor Forum and guest book
  • Bus to and from Penang, new service
  • Real estate for rent and sale in Lumut and Seri Manjung

Happy reading!
Peter van der Lans

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Pangkor Town, main street burns down

Some of the saddest things have happened at Pangkor. A large part of the main street in Pangkor town has burned down. The fire razed in short time through the mostly wooden shop lots. There are 17 shops completely vanished and the estimated damage is more the RM 1 million (around US$250.000). Cleaning up and rebuilding has already started. Let's hope this will never happen again:


New pages on Pulau all about Laksa

A few new pages have been added to the Pulau Pangkor website. One page is about a very popular Malaysian dish: laksa. Laksa is widely available in Malaysia and at the hawker stalls in Pangkor. If you never have tried, this is your change to find out what local people love to eat. Personally I love it.


School camp in the Teluk Batik jungle

Mr. Goh from ETW (Explore the Wilderness) invited me to join a few days with a school camp he had to organize for the Australian International school. It was a good opportunity to see with my own eyes how he organizes his team building work. Here's a report.

Find also a few photos of the Japanese International School Kuala Lumpur who visited a week later. I was able to join the rope course with 3 different groups. There are some photos on the Pangkor Forums

If you are interested in the facilities ETW (Explore the Wilderness) offers, please visit:


Build your own successful website, but how?

Pulau becomes more and more available on the internet. Why is that? The main reason is that the website is build with Sitesell. Sitesell offers a full package for any serious website builder who wants to make money on the internet. Not for nothing I am already working on my THIRD Sitesell website. After I have started and now The only reason I use Sitesell for building is that Sitesell delivers what they promise. And they have a great forum where people get help and offer help. You can visit these Sitesell forums:  Username and password:

Need more info? Why? What? How?

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Organize your digital photos with the FREE Google pack

An excellent new feature of Google is the Google pack. You can use it to organize your digital photos without any problem. Download the pack and play with it:


Pangkor Forum and guest book

Some people have been asking me for this, a forum and a guest book. You have enjoyed Pulau Pangkor? Give an entry in the guestbook in the Pangkor forum. The forum is also used to give some updates about Pangkor island. Have a look and subscribe and join the discussion:


Bus to and from Penang, new service

Eagle Express bus service has finally started a bus service direct to Pulau Penang. Of course it was already possible to get a bus to Butterworth from where you could take a ferry to Georgetown. Recently you can get a direct bus to and from Sungai Nibong bus station 10km south of Georgetown.

In case you want to use this service, in Penang, all yellow busses will bring you to the Sungai Nibong bus station.

More information at the bus to Pangkor page:


Real estate for rent and sale in Lumut and Seri Manjung

The local government in Seri Manjung is building heavy. All around the town new housing projects are set up. If you have an interest in buying or renting in Seri Manjung, visit:


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