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Pulau-Pangkor Newsletter #007
July 16, 2005

Pulau-Pangkor Newsletter #007
July 16, 2005

Welcome to a new edition of the Pulau Pangkor Newsletter We would like to give a warm welcome to our new readers.

For this issue there are again some great topics included. One of them is the recipes. You can have a look at more recipes page for this edition recipes. However, you may find it more useful to get the recipes e-book which contains the same recipes as the mentioned page. Download your e-book copy here With every issue of the Pulau Pangkor Newsletter there will be an update of both e-book and more recipes page available.

What do we have in this edition of the Pulau Pangkor Newsletter?

You can read our latest updates in our Blog:


Update: New pages on

Due to many circumstances the new pages this month are few. The main new page is about shopping in Sitiawan and Seri Manjung. This page contains some of my favorite shops in Sitiawan and Seri Manjung

But why only my personal favorites? The answer is simple, more is to come! Here's the first batch, so to say.


Traveling by bicycle, some of the readers will know I love cycling. I have also cycled a long time in China. Contrary to what many people will believe, China is a great country for cycling. The reason is that the Chinese themselves cycle a lot. In fact the country with the most bicycles in the world.

However, I have cycled quite some kilometers, all the way from Holland, more or less to China and large areas back to. I cycled for more then year in China. China as a country to ride a bicycle gives you many endless possibilities.

Peter Snow has a great website about cycling in China. Peter lives these days in Chengdu, Sichuan province in what the Chinese call western China. If you search his website, you may start to understand what life on a bicycle can be.

And you will find all kinds of great stories by cyclists, including myself. So have a look at



Have you been before on my website and forgot where you saw a specific subject? Even as the writer and editor of my website I have to think where I can find some subject. That's why I have set up a page to search the site. And also, at the bottom of almost every page I have added a search box.

So how does it work? Read more for the details here at: -----------------------------------------


The last Pulau Pangkor Newsletter had some excellent recipes. Did you miss them? Click on MORE RECIPES page to see them again. Or download your e-book copy here. You will find also two new recipes of dishes you will able to get at Pangkor island.


Dumpling are an interesting kind of food. In general dumplings are made of dough stuffed with ... With what? Yes, this is the question. In principle you can fill the dough with almost everything.

Dumplings are a very Chinese dish. In fact, in China you can find only a few different kinds of dumplings. When I traveled on bicycle in China I found them here and there and everywhere. People in China eat them with garlic, chilies and sometimes with steamed bread (which b.t.w. I do not really like). The Sichuan dumplings were red of the chilies! The Malaysian dumpling are all nice spiced, not too much.

In Malaysia there is a large variety of dumplings available. Dumplings are usually cheap but since you want to try a few different kinds the meal can be a bit more expensive then a local cheap breakfast.

Breakfast? Yes, dumplings can be an excellent breakfast. In Malaysia you can have a dumplings breakfast with some rice porridge, steamed bread or simply a light soup.

Dumplings are good filling. But what are they filled with? It can be pure vegetarian but also with meat, either chicken, pork, beef or even lam although this is rare. The filling is always seasoned with herbs, chilies, peppers, lime and whatever is available. It's a highly recommended breakfast or lunch.

Usually you can find dumpling on the menu of the up-market hotels but if you want to find the best, opposite of Fajar in Sitiawan is your best bet for a great dumplings breakfast.

The two recipes included here are easy to make and low costs.

See the recipes I have added in the MORE RECIPES page or simply download the latest version of the recipe e-book copy here


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